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    while i have been off work [back injury]i have had a lot of time to think[scary very scary]. anyway as i was thinking , most bait/tackle shops near the water have a hire tinny or 6, but do they have yaks. now my question is what kind of yak would be suitable to be hired out to someone that has no idea[ ie backpackers etc]
    and what would they cost roughly to set up
    thanks for any input

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    Re: yaks

    There's heaps of kayaks for hire up here on the Noosa.
    Single seaters and doubles.

    I think a lot of them are Viking Nemo's or similar.

    Hire yaks would be the cheapest and most practicable that a business could find.

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    Re: yaks

    There is a place in coffs harbour that hires them (think business is for sale) out for use on Coffs creek,dont know what they use or charge though.

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