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    Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Went for a dive at palm beach reef last sat withmy mate Aaron and speared my first spanish he went for the bottom with my gun in about 22 m of water when i pulled him up to about 10m two bull sharks followed him up and started circling him they were 10 foot and 6 foot long. As i had a shark shield on i decided to pull him up to me the sharks followed but did not come any closer than 5m away but still circling. I had another spottie on my float and pulled him in close as well to avoid losing it. Had a 200m swim back to the boat , the sharks disappeared and then reappeared about 100m out from the boat they continued to circle but did not come any closer than 5 m. Anyhow got back to the boat pretty relieved any happy to have got my first spanish we ended up with 9 spots and 3 spanish between the 2 of us. It certainly got the adrenaline pumping!!!

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Sean that is an amazing story....
    Helps my decision to stay in the boat.
    Maybe next time a few photos. I was thinking underwater ones with toothy smiles.
    Congrats on your first Spanish on spear.

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Gotta get one of those freedom 7's

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Good work with the shield Sean, would not want a 10 foot bull within 500m of me, let alone 5!
    Great yarn and well done on the fish!

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    I will be buying a freedom 7 for my float rope in the new year, this is 1 of 4 bulls that love my favorite diving spot and force me too move on frequently.

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Very nice work on the Mack's Sean,
    You can keep your diving though.... seen far too many large toothy critters in the sea for my thin skin.
    "On it" not "In it" I allways say.


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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Nice catch.
    You might want to take a small underwater camera next time.

    Unless the water is really clear you will need to turn the shield off to get closer


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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Quote Originally Posted by D river View Post
    I will be buying a freedom 7 for my float rope in the new year, this is 1 of 4 bulls that love my favorite diving spot and force me too move on frequently.
    I've got a mob of the barstards too up here off cairns giving me a touch up. Some big buggars that keep smashing me trout and reds. Where ever I move the barstards are following me. I only stay around because there are heaps of fish there.

    Have you guys ever tried a power head if they get a bit close?


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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Yeah i've drilled a few with power heads but dont overly like doing it as its there place ey but made up a few new 1's n guna put a few of my bullies at the bottom of the food chain next time I'm out

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Whats the legal position of targeting Sharks over 1.5m? I'm not sure fisheries would take too kindly to knocking a few on the head unless it was an act of self defence. The shark shield seems the way to go if they are a concern
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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Sean, you should of worn your currumbin surf club dick togs that would of scared them off for sure.

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    Shark shield or not if they wanted those fish (hungry enough) they would had got your fish. They come in and turn but if they don't you have to jab them with your gun (usually in the nose - sensitive). There is a sweet spearing dvd, and the shark gets too close so he stabs it in the head with his knife....all on film. I have found bullies to be the most stubbern, but have not seen a tiger yet. A mate of mine got bitten though. He was on a charter up the reef, got a doggie and tried to protect the fish by bringing it closer to his body. Got opened up. Had to get the heli back to the main land. Close one.

    I have been spearfishing for well over 10 years now and have seen alot happen. I have had friends and friends of friends die. So stay safe a fish is not worth your life.

    How ever spearfishing can be a big rush of adrenaline and sic fun.
    Stop professional fishing... before it's too late!

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    If the shark comes in and gets turned by the shark shield I have not seen one come in any closer. It seems to put a damper on their attitude.
    Bullies are more stuborn but just hang around the edge as if they are trying to work out how to get past that annoying electrical field.
    I have yet to see a shark come straight in without turning, when the shield is on. The closes one has come in is 4 metres and he looked determined.


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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    That's a great effort with macks, I've been really keen to give spearing a go but the whole enocountering a shark side of things makes crap myself a bit. I reckon if I saw a 10 foot bully at 5m, in the water while I'm in there with it, I'd be leaving a brown cloud squid style!

    Congrats again mate, take some balls to keep going back.

    So until I grow some bigger nuts or loose some brain cells in my shark fear department, I'll just read your reports and stick to the boat.

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    Re: Palm Beach Bull Sharks

    With sharks swimming within 5 metres from me , in one way or another I'd be " RELIEVED" # 2

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