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Thread: Trout bag out

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    Trout bag out

    Got out last week finaly n smashed the trout. Smallest was 45cm but got 2 very nice 1's going 5kg and 6.3kg. As usual the bull sharks were on there game and kept us moving around as 3 big fellas is just too much to deal with but awsome weather n no pro trout boat out there ment great results.

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    Re: Trout bag out

    Nice weather for a change eh? Stonkin blue spots mate, the first one looks like its about 79.9cm???

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    Re: Trout bag out

    Very nice conditions, good pics and nice trout, I wish I was there but not fond of grey suits these days. What a difference without the pro boat hey!

    What depth of water was you when you speared them?

    Cheers, Peter

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    Re: Trout bag out

    Top trout. Wish the water looked like that down here. All I could spear at the moment would be freshies.

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    Re: Trout bag out

    awesome fish mate and awesome weather too.

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    Re: Trout bag out

    Great pics D river. Did you end up with a new boat?
    Like the shade set-up, might have to take inspiration from it!
    What's that big suit doing, hitting something on a floatline?
    Awesome fish and conditions!

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    Re: Trout bag out

    The 2 big trout were 78cm and 76cm and very fat. The sharks were circling the boat so we were teasing them with some parrot fish for sake of some pretty cool video footage, This is the only time this year that I've seen the weather glassout up here in NQ so it was a really nice change, I've been studding weather n how to read it for a few months now n think I've finally got a good handle on it. And no this is still the same little 5.2m reef boat I've had for years now, the new boat is on hold for a bit as I have 2 mates who are boat builders n they have convinced me that I should build my own custom boat so thats the new plan so the little general will get some more ocean time before we part ways,

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    Re: Trout bag out

    Nice catch, the photos look good.
    Keep them coming.


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    Re: Trout bag out

    Nice trout & nice weather mate. Few questions,do you get out much here? I recently moved from cairns down here,don't know a thing about the fishing & spots,reefs etc.

    Looking at buying a boat in the next few weeks,either one of those tournaments from rising sun marine or a yalta from down south,just waiting to sell the jetski.

    Any recommendations on places to check out? Obviously not your spots but yeah. Any help would be great!
    Cheers mate.

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