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    Hi all. Just joined the forum, time for an intro. I'm known as Scotty. I'm from Swan Reach in Victoria. Mainly fish saltwater fly with Sage Xi2s in 8+10wts. I've fished a fair bit of Aust & use a lure when I can't get in a back cast with the fly. I'm right into catch & release, but also enjoy a feed of fish. I target anything that will take a fly & am looking forward to a trip to Christmas Is. next July to catch a few bones. Lord Howe Is. is another of my haunts. Please feel free to have a chat anytime...Regards.. Scotty.

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    hi there scotty welcome to the site, i wish to ask you what sort of line your running on your 10wt ive just built a Xi2 10wt and im finding it frustraiting to cast and form a good loop with it, i can cast a whole line but cant carry a loop to the end can you tell me how you go with the Xi2s cheers chris.

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    Welcome Scotty. Good to see another fluff chucker here.


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    Hi guys, thanks for the welcome..Chris, for a start I envy your ability to be able to cast the whole fly line. I've never really had to do this as I tend to concentrate more on accuracy than distance. I use Scientific Anglers Tarpon floating or intermediate lines & occasionally a sink tip when i'm targeting Kingies on Lord Howe Is, or Barra up nth, with the 10wt. I personally try to keep all my loops as tight as possible. This tends to help my accuracy. I need the accuracy when i'm casting to snags, & I do this with the help of double hauls & water hauls. Even on short casts up to 50ft. I find the wider the loop, the less load on the rod, the less accuracy & less control I have over the cast. Some might disagree with that, but it works for me, & I welcome constructive criticism. I know that doesn't really answer your question, but if you're fishing open water & can cast the whole line. I don't see why you'd be concerned about the loop. If you can get someone to video your casts you may get a better idea of how you're approaching the subject....Regards Scotty.

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    Gday and Welcome Scotty...

    Mrs Benno1

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