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    G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    Disclaimer - I openly declare my position as being formally on the G.Loomis / Shimano pro-staff. I also purchased these items at trade discounted prices. I am supplying this information for those who may be interested .........

    I have had the please of fishing a couple of G.Loomis NRX's over the last few weeks - a 10810-4 & 1089-4 with my initial impressions being outstanding !

    These new NRX's are significantly lighter than the previous Cross Current GLX series ( The lightest fly rods I have fished to date in fact ) with lightning faster tapers while remaining amazingly smooth to cast. The recovery & line speed generated has to be experienced to truly appreciate the advances made with the new material & nano resin technologies.

    I had the pleasure of fishing with Neil Shepherd recently who owned the NRX #10 wht pictured above - there have been some BIG long tails up the Island over the last month.All we need is some blue sky days to target them on the flats next.........

    My own NRX 1089-4 arrived yesterday , so I headed straight out to chase some golden on the flats with Andy Beer in his new Scout Costa. We had the best weather we've seen in weeks with blue sky nearly all day. After running around a bit , we finally located some clear water after the recent flooding rains. I matched the NRX 9ft #9 wht up with my Abel Super 11 & Scientific Anglers Shark Skin #9 wht Clear Wet-Tip.

    The rod is effortless to cast with fantastic line control - ideal suited to sight fishing where fast,accurate presentations mean the difference between a great day or disappointment.

    I can't wait to spend more time on the water fishing these amazing new rods & will update my reports and findings as time on the water allows

    So many Fish - So Little Time - Scotto
    So Many Fish - So little time !

    I Proudly support the following companies: Shimano, G.Loomis, The Haines Group, Scientific Anglers, Abel Reels, Lowrance

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    Pity about the prices.. can't be justified imo.

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    Pitty about the warranty And pitty about the stiffing of old warranties.
    I shant be looking at loomis, Too much out there that is better, Cheaper and better back up.
    Loomis is a sinking ship in the real public view

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    agree with jb & fly, own 3 loomis but imho the livefibre & howards i own are better value and match the quality at half the price. regards, tc.

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    O.P. is wishing he hadn't made this thread, was hoping people had shorter memories................

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    Gee you must get sick of reading all the rot from the whingers Scott. The thing that bugs me is the amount of people complaining about a change of "warranty". As far as I am aware there has been no change to the warranty on Loomis gear, it's the Xpeditor program that has been changed, has nothing to do with warranty. The NRX rods have an identical scheme to the Xpeditor in the US so hopefully that will apply here as well.

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    Re: G.Loomis NRX's - 1st Impressions

    Being on the pro loomis team i would respectfully like your opinion on why thehuge price difference between here and the states
    I have about 9 loomis rods not all fly but the three fly rods i have are all loomis

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