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Thread: and again tonight!

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    and again tonight!

    Cicadas chirping.Warm and humid. Thought I'd try my luck again with a quick flick after work.
    Picked up a few on the bottom with the size improving with nightfall.
    Tonights best was well over 47 cm.

    Couldnt keep one on off the surface, but the diving lures were costing me plenty.
    Guess I have to admit that I was well undergunned for the competition , losing a number of old faves including the battered old chubby with many fish to its credit.
    At least I got to try out a few different lures side by side. I really liked the Maria deep diver which is a little cheaper than its competition too.

    Managed to hook up to some fish that felt a lot bigger than the 48 model but I guess its hard to tell. Lets see if a heavier leader affects the bite rate.
    It does still feel like they're bloody hungry though.


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    Re: and again tonight!

    Tonights best was well over 47 cm.

    Well was it 47,48,50cm? at least with that chubby gone I may have a chance of catching one had a cast this morning near the job again for 14cm

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    Re: and again tonight!

    Check out the ruler Timmy. The high no. is 50, so probably 48 odd. but lets not get too bogged down in it. there's some bigguns out there , one with a chubby deep hangin out its gob.

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