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    what wieght switchblades

    g day all,im going to try some tt switchblades and was wondering what wieght ,im mainly land leaning to the 1/4 oz or would i be better going lighter.regards john

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    Switchblades cast a lot further than soft plastics and hardbodies.
    I use the 1/8th because anything will take it but i noticed my hit rate was a little less with the 1/4 because its slightly bigger. Both cast about the same distance.

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    I use blades almost only in water up to 3ft deep and found the lighter/smaller the better! tried bigger but more success downsizing, for me anyway.
    Good luck!
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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    yes ive decided on 1/8 size.thanks guys

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    Is the action used when fishing these blades a constant retrieve or 'soft plastic style' lift-pause-retrieve? I've tried em but have never even had a hit - always end up switching back to placcies 20-30mins after tying on a blade.

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    good question spelchek

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    There's a few vids getting around of ppl using them if you google for it. I've tried all sorts of retrieves and the one that works consistently for me is constant and steady paced. I keep my rod down and try and keep it moving just above the bottom, I'm fishing from a boat and as mentioned, shallow water. Regularly get Flathead, Bream and Whiting this way.
    I've taken a few ppl fishing recently who have never used lures of any kind and got their first one on a blade like this, including a friend who nailed 6 decent sized flatties in about 40mins, so it's not hard once you get it sussed!
    Vegetarian - Ancient tribal slang for the village idiot that can't hunt, fish or ride.

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    I use blades on bass with multiple retrieves in all water depths, these techniques would carry over to other species I reckon. Sometimes just a slow roll, but most times I give the rod tip a few quick flicks and as the lure is falling back down slowly lower the rod tip to feel for any hit. No slack on the line what so ever. I like to know what the lure is doing all the time.
    Because they throw out such a huge vibration, if I'm fishing in fairly deep water, every once in a while I'll over emphasize the rod lift, big long rod lifts of about 2 metres, just to get the maximum sound to move out through the water.
    I've hooked heaps of bass ringing the dinner bell.
    But you have to be careful because the vibration caused by blades can either bring the fish in or scare the hell out of them. Sometimes they'll want something a little more subtle.
    Hope this helps.
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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    At one time or another just about every type of retreave will work, it all depends on the mood of the fish and where they may be sitting in the water column.
    I like the 1/4oz size Switchblades for bass myself.
    Below are two links to some Switchblade action. The 1st is a "how to" by Dizzy Borg, hope it helps.

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    Re: what wieght switchblades

    Thanks guys - very informative and much appreciated.

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