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    Well had another practice today , I'm reading a lot on casting............
    It all just goes round in your head till you get out there.
    i got some good casts, shooting line out, using my new home made basket.
    Got a 45 ft cast at some mullet, hooked one, but lost it soon after due to dickie knot and leader.....
    Anyway, made a new leader, so I'm ready for the next lesson.............

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    Re: learner


    If you can, video yourself casting. You will be shocked and will allow your to self analysis. Soon you will smoking out accurate 70 footers then more and more.


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    Re: learner

    a few more casting sessions, and throwing some bread in to keep some mullet feeding......
    There was a wind today , managed to get some good side casts and some roll casts.
    A couple of of hits....
    Just getting the knots , and twisted leaders, bodgie mullet flys.
    I think i should use the old cotton wool and dough.............


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    Re: learner

    hi Radndell i am Ross i have got into fly fishing so nice to see yo are a local in M ooloolaba

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