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    Just on hooks...

    well trebs actually.
    Talking to ol mate the lure maker and he was saying the Mustads that he used for years are no where near as good as they used to be and he was getting good reports about the eagle claws.
    anyone got a thought about this?
    what do you use?


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    Re: Just on hooks...

    Best light tackle trebles ive used this yr have been the vmc barbarians, can confidently say they are outfishing the owners.

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    Re: Just on hooks...

    I use either VMC's or Owner

    The owners seem to stay sticky for ages, I've got some on lures that are 3 years old and well used & they are still sharp.
    Gold Coast

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    Re: Just on hooks...

    thanks guys.

    Heath when the hell are you going to update ya site???

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    Re: Just on hooks...

    one vote for VMC

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    Re: Just on hooks...

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