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    ANSA approved braid

    Anyone know any brands that are ANSA approved?

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    Re: ANSA approved braid

    I would have assumed that in any pending record - a sample of the line would be tested .
    I guess you are looking pre tested braid

    Daiwa Sensor Tournament is rated to break under the stated poundage
    Platypus do a pre test braid
    Fins & Sunline do IGFA rated braids

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    Re: ANSA approved braid

    Unless things have changed recently - none. ANSA only recognise Braid captures in the 'ALL Tackle' sections or Breakaway Trace division where a section of pre test mono is incorporated into the rig. This is because most braids do NOT break under their stated breaking strains. I am sure Jeremy or Luc can add more light to this. I dont wish to speak for ANSA Qld on this issue....I am just a mere delegate for my club.


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