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    1770 Bludger Trevally

    check out some of the fish that the Beast Master caught on his last trip to 1770.
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    Re: 1770 Bludger Trevally

    well done , its a beautiful place isnt it

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    Re: 1770 Bludger Trevally

    All the B's are covered...Boat...Bait...Bludger...Beautiful scenery. Fantastic stuff the look on you face when holding up that Jack in the last pic
    Cheers for posting.

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: 1770 Bludger Trevally

    I really enjoyed that, thanks!

    On the first Bludger, I'm yelling, "Wind ya bastard!" then those shakes happen... Still grinnin' I really needed that!


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