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    Question help with game fishing

    We have recently moved to the Torres Strait and bought ourselves a small boat. Despite being novices - the fishing here is awesome!
    We would like to fish for tuna, snapper, mackerel etc. however, our line keeps breaking when something decent sized hits it.
    We only have light rods at present, and clearly need some proper game rods.
    My husband says he thinks we need overhead reels that take 'braid'.
    Could anyone please help?
    I have spent infinite hours websearching, but it just seems too complicated, and not sure what I am looking for when I check sites like ebay, but we need to purchase online (we live on an island).
    Would love to get my husband a rod/reel combo for Christmas - I know they can be quite expensive, can I get something decent for under $500?
    Can anyone help with what to get and where to get it from?

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    Re: help with game fishing

    for a beginner, stay away from braid (in my opinion) go to a tackle store and look at maybe a TLD 25 and a suitable rod, you will get the outfit for well under your budget, they are a good solid and quite cheap reel, after a while you may want to upgrade to a larger or different type, but a TLD will catch you plenty of fish, buy some reasonable quality mono line and that will get you well on your way.

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    Re: help with game fishing

    OH, forgot the online only bit, try a quick google search for a starter.

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    Re: help with game fishing

    The TLD25 is probably the best value for money reel around for this style of fishing. You will get a TLD25 rod and reel combo for well under your budget.

    I have 2 Shimano Tyrnos 30 on Shimano Backbone Elite 15kg rods, spooled with 30lb Momoi Highcatch line, and they are used for Mackerel through to Marlin and Sailfish.

    I changed from TLD25 to the Tyrnos for the higher retrieve rate and much better handle. I love using them, and for your budget they would definitely be my pick.

    Set your "strike" drag to 1/3rd the line class that you are fishing, I.E 5kg drag for 15kg, and you will avoid the bust off on strike, you can then up the drag to full if required ones you are up and fighting the fish. Don't be afraid of chasing a decent fish with the boat. Big fish on light gear are fought as much with the boat as the rod/reel.

    Good luck with it, and have fun!


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    Smile Re: help with game fishing

    thanks so much for your advice - I have ordered the rod n reel.

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    Re: help with game fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by david_n_sam View Post
    thanks so much for your advice - I have ordered the rod n reel.
    Some good advice above....I personally like the Tyrnos reels too and have four of them myself. I second the advice of going with mono over braid too, especially for trolling.

    What did you end up choosing?

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