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    Coposite Fins whats your choice

    I've been putting off buying a set of composite fins for a while now due to all the scratches n sh*t on my plastic 1's but I tried a set of the power fins a few months ago and wow they really are good. Was wondering what you guys thought of different types of composite fins that you either own or have tried and what you think is best in both performance and durability

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    Re: Coposite Fins whats your choice

    DiverR's are the best composite fins going and Ray also makes them in carbon fibre. Penetrator fins also getting a good wrap but haven't tried them myself. Both fins are made on the Gold Coast. They come in soft/ medium or hard. Most guys go the medium. $300+ for the blades only but you won't regret it.

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    Re: Coposite Fins whats your choice

    Many years ago I had a pair of Esclapez and these lasted me for ages. When they finally passed on I got another pair which lasted about a year. Have used DiveR's now for a few years and reckon they are great. Still think out of all the fins I've had the Esclapez foot pocket were most comfortable but wouldn't trade the DiveR's for performance and durability.

    Ruku Composite Blades seem to be getting some press but I haven't tried them or know of anybody who has them. Here's the company line

    and if you check out other spear forums you'll read some reviews. Seem to be priced okay.

    I did read something once about why you shouldn't get carbon fibre fins but can't remember why. Don't think I dreamed that

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