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    sage Xi2

    Hi guys i have just built a sage Xi2 10wt and have got rio saltwater tropical I/I line for it once i lined it up and started casting it i found it hard to put a descent loop into the line,its easy to cast a whole fly line but just cant get a good loop in the line, normaly use a fly logic ultra fast and orvis tip flex so im use to fast rods and love them but this sage has got me beat i have not over lined it yet and will try that, has anyone ealse out there got one and what line are you useing ,cheers chris.

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    Re: sage Xi2

    If you're throwing the whole line out, it seems you're concentrating on distance - and achieved more than most - so why worry about the loop size?

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    Re: sage Xi2


    I have a bit of the same issue with my 8w Loomis and it also is very fast. I played around with different lines and up lined, which made it better, but ended up (on Peter Morse's) advice at going for Rio Outbound Short and worrying less about perfect loops, but rather accepting it and still getting accuracy and distance. Doesn't look as pretty, but it zings out there, works ok in wind and usually where I want it.

    My 10w is a slower action and is no issues.

    All the best


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    Re: sage Xi2

    Thanks for your comments guys. i put a 400grain shooting head on it and got the rod to feel more what i thought it should feel like got more line feel out of the rod,i will probbly get a rio outbound for it,i think the 10wt line is 425 grain ,i got a nautilus 12DD reel for it and got a free flyline with it and thought the rio tropical I/I (which is built on the clouser tapper)would have loaded the rod better than it has cheer Chris.

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    Re: sage Xi2

    Have you thought it might just be your casting style, swiching from a tip action rod to a more progressive rod?

    Maybe think about later twrist trunover and later hauling.

    Straight lines dude


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