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    Southport seaway

    Ok any of you jokers gone for a dip in the seaway?? Im sure you have,
    Anyway where the sand bypass pipe line runs across, i know where it leaves the south side but where does it hit the north wall??
    When it leaves the south wall ive seen the angle it gos out at , how far does that continue at that angle?
    does it lay on the bottom?
    how deep are we talking say 20m out for the south side?


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    Re: Southport seaway

    this is a spearfishing forum and I am sure you would be aware that spearfishing is totally prohibited in the Southport Seaway

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    Re: Southport seaway

    I thought it may have been a dude who landed on our site thinking it was a marine engineering site??

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    Re: Southport seaway

    I'm imagining there would be some serious bities in that well as sharp propellors!

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Thankyou leighton.

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Quote Originally Posted by nigelr View Post
    I'm imagining there would be some serious bities in that well as sharp propellors!
    This is a popular dive site and I haven't heard of any encounters with the bities, but there a quite a few hanging around the ocean side.
    I would be a lot more worried about the sharp propellors


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    Re: Southport seaway

    D4 all the bull sharks in the nerang river had to have got in there somehow..
    and there are some big suckers out the front ive seen them in action.

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Plenty of big sharks in the Seaway. It's been my home ground for years with two major encounters. 1 was with a big bronzy that stole my flathead classic winning flathead on the noorthern wall pipeline side.
    And the other encounter was when i was in my 16 foot center console and was heading towards wave break coming back into the seaway. I started to fillet a few fish and drifted into about 10 foot of water on the sandbank right in front of wavebreak on the seway side.

    I looked over to see a rather large shadow about the same size as my boat. On closer inspection i realised it wasnt a log or school of bait fish. It was noahs arc itself. Needless to say i left it be .

    Often when achored up in the hole on the northern wall we would see the fins having a look around in our burley trail. But 10 minutes later board riders would paddle by too??? Anyway , bugger all chance of getting me in the water anywhere round there.

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Yep, one night out the front spinning up big eyes, ol mate had one prob 10m off the wall when there was a huge splash and his line started heading for NZ.
    only lasted 5 sec and then nothing....wound in was was left and you would have swarn that the trav had been cut in half with a knife. a perfect cut.
    dont know what sort of shark it was but you wont be catchin me in there...

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    Re: Southport seaway

    I've been diving down the seaway a few times, never seen anything to worry about.
    I know they must be there, but they don't come close enough to see them.
    Sharks like to come through the area at night time.
    We use to spearfish on a reef during the day and shark fish the same reef at night.
    Never saw a shark there when we were diving, but caught plenty at night time.

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Can concur with that Defore, even if I'm in the water at dawn my local reef area I never see a shark before 3.00pm, then they all start to come I get out!
    Common sense to me.

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Done the paddle to surf TOS many times and once saw a smaller noah leap out in the middle before paddling back. Hate to think if we were ever "followed" across. Amazing there haven't been any documented incidents with the amount of crew that paddle over almost every day especially dawn and dusk

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    Re: Southport seaway

    Guys in Seaway tower witness large shadows following paddlers across all the time apparently.
    Gold Coast

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