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    Thumbs up cheap fridges at the moment

    We got an Aussie Disposals' cattledog in mail yesterday.
    38L Engel Eclipse (12/24/240v) fridges for $799 including carry bag.
    They also have 55L Companion fridge/freezer with the Danfoss compressor for $899 with bag and a few other goodies.

    Are they cheap or is that the going rate now??
    I don't really know because we've never really chased a 12v fridge.

    I wish we needed a fridge...but we just simply don't.

    Oh...sad news though. QLD people would have to go to Toowoomba or Tweed Head to get to a shop.

    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    The engel is a good price !!! , we payed $900 for ours with a cover , thermometer and engel containers a bit over 18 months ago . That was mates rates .

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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    i paid more than that for my engel in 1984,( still works fine to )cheep i recon.
    have a nice day hilly.

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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    Just had a quick look at the Engel website.

    RRP is about $1,000 for the Eclipse model.

    Keep in mind though they are the ones with thermoplastic body/lid, not the regular old style steel body and lid. RRP for that model is still about $1,300.


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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    Often see the engel for $899 but $799 seems good with the extras. Maybe that's the going rate now.
    Has anyone actually got the eclipse? It looks sturdy enough but a first-hand report would be good.

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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    We have one , bought it about april 08 and the only time it has been switched off since , is to defrost it . Its being used as a freezer in and out of the van and ute and hasn't missed a beat . This model doesn't have any friut like a thermometer just a turn switch and a green light to indicate when its on. The plastic case seams very tough , I would be very surprised if you could damage it .


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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    paid 799 for mine 2 years ago whenBCF had a special, and the screwed him some more (yes you can haggle price at bcf) great lil fridge, you dont mind knocking them round eitther cause of the plastic.

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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    The big snake has / had a few deals on at the moment.


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    Re: cheap fridges at the moment

    The Primus jobs look allright. they are in the latest Tentworld cattledog


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