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    Peter Faust Dam Camping????

    Is there a camping grounds closer to the dam then the one at Proserpine does anyone know? And does anyone have any details for it?

    Thanks Thomas.

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    Re: Peter Faust Dam Camping????

    G'Day Thomas, there is no camping at or around the lake.

    Your best bet is to get in touch with the Lions Camp Kanga, they have dongas, caravan and tent sites. They are only a few k's from the boat ramp and there is only one of those.

    Give Len & Wendy a call at Camp Kanga on 07 49472600.

    It's a great place to be, i spend a month a year there.


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    Re: Peter Faust Dam Camping????


    I went through this process about two weeks ago.

    I'm heading down there this Friday for three days and was also looking for alternative accomodation as the accomodation at Kamp Kanga is booked out.

    Here are the options I found :

    - caravan park in town 07 4945 0200

    - motels in town

    - Whitsunday Tourist Park out on the O'Çonnell River (about 20kms South of Prossy on the Highway) 07 4947 5148

    - "Gunnago" camping/cabins (on the Highway about 4 kms out of Prossy)
    07 4945 1540

    I have only ever stayed at Kamp Kanga, so I cannot provide a recommendation.

    We have now decided to rough it in a motel in town. Might work out for the best though, with a bit of rain around of late......

    I would also be interested in hearing of any other camping areas close to the dam.


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    Re: Peter Faust Dam Camping????

    We stayed at Camp Kanga with our camper trailer for a few days in 2007. Top spot and only a few km from the dam. We were the only ones at the camp ground and there were no school groups in the dongas.

    Check it out. If it is not booked out by school groups it is a good spot.

    Norm C

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    Re: Peter Faust Dam Camping????

    Just got back from 3 days fishing at Faust.

    Unfortnately Kamp Kanga was booked out for the weekend, so we had to stay in town in a motel.

    It worked out ok for us in the end though, as Proserpine just had 4 inches of rain in the 3 days we were there!


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