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Thread: camcorders

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    Re: camcorders

    There is actually a couple of different what they call “HD" Gopro cams..
    One is up to 720p 30 frames/sec.. and then there’s the 1080p 30 frames/sec which can also shoot in 720p but in 60 frame/sec.

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    Re: camcorders

    There might be a few different models.
    I picked up a HD Hero and it shoots in 5 modes.
    WVGA,720p at 30fps,720p at 60fps,960p at 30fps,1080p at 30fps.
    It also fires off stills every "x" seconds for whatever time.
    I haven't tried that but i guess it would be like time lapse?
    A fun toy!

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    Re: camcorders

    so which model one did you get??

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    Re: camcorders

    Hi Wayne,
    I picked up the HD Hero Naked (which is just camera and waterproof case).
    I also got a handlebar/seat post mount, head strap and chest harness.
    A 16GB card too.

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    Re: camcorders

    cool, well i got the same cam at you but the motor sport model. i only got that one cause of the suction cap fitting that i thought would be good for the boat, (dash or windscreen), and for the 4x4.
    just need to get a 16 or 32gb card now...

    thanks for your help

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    Re: camcorders

    Any of you blokes looked at the ContourHD? It appears to be a direct competitor to the GoPro. I was set on a gopro but a fella at work showed me the Contour and I'm swayed. It seems to have a more suitable design and from my research is approximately the same cost.

    Check it out here

    They have even recently added a GPS integrated model.



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    Re: camcorders

    ok, so what swayed you?.......they seem about the same just a diff shape..

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    Re: camcorders

    Quote Originally Posted by wayno60 View Post
    ok, so what swayed you?.......they seem about the same just a diff shape..
    I guess the shape was the main thing. As far as specs go they are almost the same but the shapes are quite different. The GoPro is shaped more like a traditional camera which is not as conducive to body/helmet mounting whereas the contour appears much more streamline and more like a small LED torch shape.

    Not having experienced either model and given most in this thread had mentioned the GoPro I just wanted to see if the Contour had been considered. If so, why the GoPro won out. If in fact it did.

    I haven't committed to any model yet so would rather ask the questions pre purchase as opposed to post purchase.



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