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Thread: camcorders

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    After reading all the posts about how to mount your cam, it got me thinking what brand/make cam has everyone got.
    The minister for finance, after seeing some of the clips of you guys in action (willo, spot82)
    happened to mention that a cam mighten be a bad idea....

    So what have you got, why did you pick it, any plus or minus for it.


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    Re: camcorders

    Mine have been made on an Olympus tough 8000 still camera, but Sean just got a GoPro camera, seems pretty good! 60m waterproof and full HD for around $400 and has 170 degree angle of view....


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    Re: camcorders

    Hi Wayne
    I have upgraded to a Sony Handycam HDR-XR200E and use a sony waterproof housing with it
    Just went this cam for a better quality pic and some great features on the cam

    Before this I had a Sony Handycam DCR-HC28 MiniDV Camcorder which also served me well
    There lots of good Cams around at the moment and if you stick with a known brand ya cant go to far wrong
    Cheers Willo

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    Re: camcorders

    Check the GoPro Hero on thEBay. They are now less than $300. Absolutely awesome little camera. If you buy a standard Handycam type camera you will need a wide angle lense adaptor for it to be any good in a boat. You'll get the same result with a GoPro.

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    Re: camcorders

    Hi Wayne,
    Would definitely second the GoPro Hero HD.
    Plenty of good mounts too.
    The record time can be limited.
    I use sony vegas 10 software which is just terrific.

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    Re: camcorders

    I've got a GoPro Hero HD as well, it is a very versatile setup with a variety of mount options. I use mine for everything from trail bike riding in the dust to fishing in the boat.

    Highly recommended.
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    Re: camcorders

    thanks guys for the feedback, that'll be the way im going.


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    Re: camcorders

    For small HD (720p-1080p) cams there are a few out there..
    I race a heap of downhill mountain bikes and we use the GoPro with ok success. For simple video work (without the harsh shaking and bumps on a bike) it would be more than adequate.

    Here’s a quick comparison of a few.. best bought on ebay from the US with the dollar so high as you can get them under $300au shipped.

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    Re: camcorders

    You can get a GoPro in Aus for under $300 as well. Then you don't need to buy a charger converter.

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    Re: camcorders

    PM Aigutso (mike) he had one at 1770 this year not sure of the make and model, but it fitted into the palm of your hand. It's the one he used to make the video clips of 1770 this year that are up on utube.
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    Re: camcorders

    aussie, yes your right but then you still have to get a SD card and there around the $89 mark for a 16gb and then get the right mounting system that you want to use///

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    Re: camcorders

    ok ive found out that not all hero cams are the same. Seems alot of the older version hero's that are for sale on ebay are not HD. Do you think that theres a big enough difference to warrent getting a new HD model.


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    Re: camcorders

    Hi Wayne
    The HD model can shoot 720p at a 170degree field of view at 60 frames per sec.

    Great for on the head mount or up the front of the boat on the grab rail.
    The high speed means you can do good slow motion stuff on the computer.

    The 1080p shoots at 127degrees.


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    Re: camcorders

    Thanks tsea,
    if it wasnt hard enough as it was then you throw this at me.

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