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    Re: Could your reel be killing you?

    Could be Non Asbestos gasket material which is very common, like NA1002.

    Just a thought but worth checking out all the same.
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    Re: Could your reel be killing you?

    Asking for trouble calling it that name in the first place.....

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    Re: Could your reel be killing you?

    This does bring up a real concern.

    What do we know about all sorts of things that go into stuff from overseas.

    We have had high lead levels in paint on childrens toys, and who knows what else.

    Think about what toxic chemicals could be in metals ,paints, plastics, lubricants and who knows what else.

    Many such materials would not be allowed in western countries, but they would be totaly unregulated in china and some asian countries.

    What is realy scary is that we are getting food products from china too..and in brands you would not expect.


    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Could your reel be killing you?

    Just got word back from the ACCC
    The purchased a reel and had it tested.
    the tests show NO asbestos in the drag washers.
    A report from the manufacturer also says no asbestos is used in the manufacture.

    So.... a false alarm in this case.
    Kudos to the ACCC for their diligence.
    Apologies to the importers and manufacturers for any inconvenience.

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    Re: Could your reel be killing you?

    Any update?

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