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Thread: Help please.

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    Help please.

    Gidday all,

    Today i was given 2 x flyrod outfits from the sister in law whose partner passed away about 6 weeks ago and i know nothing about fishing with fly. One is 6/7 8"6" Pfluger im6 graphite with a 1095 shakespear reel and the other is Pfluger as well it says 5/6 8" with 1094 shakespear reel.There are some bits and pieces that came with them as well like line and flies etc.What fish will these possibly stop small flathead,trevally,tailor that get in the broadwater .Think i need to find a fly club here on the Goldcoast as i know no one who fishes fly.Will youtube as well.I'm sure if nothing else comes of this they would be awesome whiting rods.I would like to offer her some $$ for these but have no idea what they may be worth.She was going to sell them at garage sale.

    Bream Reaper.

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    Re: Help please.

    Mate give Gavin at 'Tie n Fly' outfiters a call and he will give you an idea of their value.

    If you want to take it up its a lot of fun. I still do better with a Baitcaster but hell we all need a challenge in life.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Help please.

    These guys hail from the Gold Coast and should be able to help you out

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    Re: Help please.


    Agree with the above re contacting the SEQ Flyfishing club - of those I met, they seem good blokes. I think you are about right with the target fish those rods would be suited to. I would also suggest you get some casting lessons straight up as this will get you on the right track and lessen the chance of bad habits.

    Fly fishing is a lot of fun and worth the effort (for me atleast).

    Have fun.


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    Re: Help please.

    Havn't been here for a while, just noticed your tread bit late but still ok.
    I flyfish the broadwater and seaway a lot, and a member of SEQFF club.
    the meetings are, every second tuesday of the month at 7pm.
    You are wellcome to come and have a look.It's at mermaid beach bowles club.
    you can check the forum as well.

    there are few qualified fff fly casters, and casting clinic days as well.

    cheers vince.

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