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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

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    Really good versatile rods reggy. I ended up with both spin and overhead in the 6'6" pe2-4. The 4500j Capricorn is a nice match on mine, it felt great on a 45lb jew but the Catalina would be even better. It casts well down to a 3/8oz plastic.
    The other one is matched with a Talica8 single speed and will get plenty of use this summer.
    Thanks, good to hear that. Congrats on the jew, nice fish. Can`t wait to blood my new rig.

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    i have a tcurve lucanis 60-200gm spin stick. very happy with it. its paired to a 8000 stella. very strong and solid rod..
    cheers aaron.

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