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    monster mesh or t-curve

    well I bought a descent spin reel for throwing poppers, HBs, and SP`s., a 4500h
    Now would like to get a good rod for it. Have about $300 to put to the cause and have been looking at the above 2.
    Anyone got any advice for a spinning newby?

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    mate go the catalina over the tcurve or monstermesh, tcurve feels like a broom stick and the monstermesh feels like its going to explode

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    thanks Byron. any other suggestions from anyone?

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    if u can bump up to around 450 go a saltiga or my fav stick at the moment a live fibre venom

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Reggy i also have the Catalina 4500h (great reel) and i put mine on a monster mesh.......awesome set up .Two of my mates have gone out and bought the exact same set up it works that good.Mines the 632ms-sic 9kg drag and so is the other guys.....All the rods and reels have had a decent workout on spanish,GT's, trout and tuna and mines even caught a 5kg black bass.

    They are a good stick mate and feel better than a T-curve IMO they do have a more parabolic curve than the shimano which you need to get used of if you havn't used that type of rod before.I also have the 582xhd overhead 15kg drag which i used for livebaiting black bass matched to a 30th saltist with the carbontex drag washers (still only pulls 7kg) it poled em out of the snags.

    The Catalina rods do feel good though but then again the Saltiga Hiramasa ($650+)i have even feels better but for under $300 the Monster is i think about as good as it can get off the shelf for that kind of money.Maybe you could look at importing a Jigging Master power spell off ebay ATM theres a few for around the $450 mark about the place.

    Cheers Dan

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    the MM sounds good to me. I`m not sure what Byron means by "feels like it`s going to explode".

    I saw a powerspell in my local yesterday and it was $600. Nice, but over my budget.
    Makes me wonder what a top outfit will cost in another few years.
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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Until recently, I have never ever broken a rod and I have now broken two Monster Mesh (15kilo Max Drag models) rods in the exact same place in two trips to the reef.

    Both were replaced ASAP by Daiwa however there is a reason why they are a discontinued line of rods.

    I have heard of a few overhead rods like mine snapping mid fight on fish however I am yet to hear a bad word spoken about the spin versions.

    A T curve 200 would be the pick out of the two you asked about.


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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Thanks Nick, looks like Byron was on to something.

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Quote Originally Posted by reggy View Post
    Thanks Nick, looks like Byron was on to something.
    yeah mate they feel really hollow i would spend the extra cash mate and get something like a live fibre or saltist

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Quote Originally Posted by reggy View Post
    well I bought a descent spin reel for throwing poppers, HBs, and SP`s.

    Sounds like you want a rod around 7 ft to 7ft6. Most of the rods recommended are jigging rods, and not for casting. Poppering rods are typically around 8ft. The Wilson TX Venoms are an awesome rod, and definitely the next jig rod I buy, but the six models I know about are all 5ft6.

    The Catalina rods seem good - I've seen one in action on a 12kg amberjack. The series comes in 5ft6 for jigging and 7ft6 for casting, and they're supposedly "specifically designed for use with the Catalina reels".

    The Tcurve Bluewater Series has two spin rods that might suit - a 10-15kg spin and a 15-24kg (both 7ft6). I've used neither, but I have 4 other Tcurves and some are good and some are great. There are better jig rods around these days than the Tcurve Deep Jig 400 I've had for around 5 years, but I've caught a lot of fish on it.

    A 7ft6 Catalina rod might be best though - I think it might be lighter than the equivalent Tcurve. It looks like the Catalina rods are discontinued too, but I've heard and read nothing about them breaking (unlike the Monster Mesh rods).


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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Brent that's interesting the Catalina rods are being discontinued? Maybe they will just change the name. I've never used one but they look and feel great. A definite challenger to the T cruve rods but IMO better guides (EMNSG).

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Quote Originally Posted by Daintreeboy View Post
    Brent that's interesting the Catalina rods are being discontinued?
    Yeah, I can't find them in either of the two new Daiwa 2010/2011 catalogues - or on the Daiwa Australia website. Maybe Daiwa are making way for the new range of Saltist Demon Blood rods - who knows if they used some of the Catalina blanks with a different paint job and bindings, but the Demon Bloods come in a wider range of lengths. There's also a new, completely different-looking range of Monster Mesh rods, called "Monster Mesh Max" rods. All rods in the Max range are 5ft3 and one piece.


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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Hello Reggy,

    I bought the Demon Blood 64CJ for my 4500 Saltiga Maverick, use it bottom bouncing, and throwing slugs at tuna from a boat and I love it. My housemate has the Saltiga 64 CombiJerk, and they work identically. The only difference seems to be the Stainless guides, reel seat, and paintjob.

    You might be looking for something longer, but the Demon Blood series is definitely worth a look.


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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Thanks guys, I ended up getting a T curve Lucanis spin. It is just under 7ft and is rated to PE4, so should balance with my 4500h Catalina nicely. Not as parabolic as the other T curves, but a little tip action will help in casting lures.

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    Re: monster mesh or t-curve

    Really good versatile rods reggy. I ended up with both spin and overhead in the 6'6" pe2-4. The 4500j Capricorn is a nice match on mine, it felt great on a 45lb jew but the Catalina would be even better. It casts well down to a 3/8oz plastic.
    The other one is matched with a Talica8 single speed and will get plenty of use this summer.

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