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    Re: Shark shield update

    Only if they sit on the antenna
    It doesn't even effect Wobbies and Rays.


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    Re: Shark shield update

    Was out a week or so ago and seen a brand new unit not even flinch a reef shark about 2m long. When we tested it on myself it gave me the usual zap in the teeth but nothing to this shark.It was trying to get a nice red brim off a mate of mine so it did several fly bys with no effect. I've seen these units work very well time and time again but nothing to this particular shark. Same unit same day no probs on dif shark.

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    Re: Shark shield update

    vertico I would definately not go off fraser! I have reeled in a 7 foot shark and when I dragged it up on the beach it had been chomped in half by something much much bigger! I will try and chase down the pics, pretty amazing. That place is riddled with big nasties. Is it known what the effects are to persons? surely if you feel nerve pain etc surely it must be doing something to your body if you where one all day, guess it is a bit of a toss up as to which you prefer- getting biten by nasties or having electric puleses going through your body. I have no experience with the unit myself hey but surely it wouldnt stop a shark which has zonned in on a attck, but can see how it deters them when they come in close to investigate.

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    Re: Shark shield update

    Quote Originally Posted by vertico View Post
    does the shield scare fish?
    i dive with a shark shield regulary an it doesnt appear to have any affect of fish but from my own personal experiences it does deter ther the sharks,no it probably wouldnt stop a big shark in full feeding or attack mode but it does keeep them away from fish i have shot an am in the middle of pulling up.but to each their own. i have mates who laugh at me all the time for wearing it but the moment the sharks turn up they all seem to be swiming a little bit closer to me for some reason,even if it works just a little bit its still a little bit better then nothing

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    Re: Shark shield update

    My best mate who also happens to be my cousin has been a diver for years... navy diving, pearl diver, ab diver, dive instructor.. Diving is his life and his way of earning money...

    He has mixed feeling about shark shields.

    This is "his" opinion.. not mine...

    (shark) goes... WTF is that in the water messing with my signals/etc?
    (shark) goes to investigate
    (shark) goes bugger that... I don't like it... and leaves
    but... every so often..
    (shark) goes.. Wooo can I bite it? before it gets too bad?

    His theory is... The shark shield does work... but it also attracts more sharks from his experience... 11years of commerical diving.

    So... Risk attracting more sharks with the rare occasion a shark is retarded enough to attempt a bite... or see far less sharks with the chance the shark will bite because you do not have a shark shield....

    50/50% he says.. Damned if you do... Damned if you don't.

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    Re: Shark shield update

    Quote Originally Posted by vertico View Post
    wondering how these things would go off fraser island chasing red emperor on shark riddled spots ? Am thinking about investing if its feasible...only $600 for a unit.

    Hey mate,

    A pro line fisho that only chases Reds out off Cooktown uses two and he thinks that they are the best investment he has ever made. He uses one mid water and one off the transom of his cat. He is convinced that the $1200 outlay paid for its seld in the first trip with the amound of sharks off Cooktown

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    Re: Shark shield update

    That's interesting Nick. I had thought of investing in one, or at least trying to find someone who has one and asking them out the reef to some of my shark riddled spots and give it a try.


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