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    Jayco Dove

    Hi all

    My girlfriend just bought a Jayco Dove (1978). We went camping for our second anniversary (very romantic, the choices were: camping, overnighting in my boat, or dinner and a movie) anyway when we set the camper up, second time we have used it, and the roof fell down. It looks like one of the cables broke (the main one) while she was inside it, she is fine. Does anyone know if there is a reasonably priced fixer close to Kenmore, or would it easier to do it myself?

    Time is of the premium for each of us, I am a single father of one and she is a single mother of three and we both work full time.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Re: Jayco Dove

    Gidday Antics ...I had a similar problem a few years ago and had a mobile caravan repairer (father & son team) do the replacement cable ...cost was $120 . This was on the Gold Coast and I'm sorry but I havn't got the name of the business but if you google it you may be able to get someone mobile ..
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Jayco Dove

    Thanks for the reply/advice Tezza,

    I found 2 in Brissie area - Caravan Solutions Qld and Briss Mobile Caravan Services. Has anyone out there had any dealings (good or bad) with either of these guys.

    Pretty sure I could do it myself, but as I said before time is precious. My girlfriend has also ordered a service and repair manual by Trevor Eastman, 1995.

    If it can be fixed by experienced mobile guys for a reasonable price, it will be money well spent.


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    Re: Jayco Dove

    All fixed....was very easy, just re-attached main cable (from winch) to the block that the lifting cables feed from (harness square?...where the eye bolts are).

    The previous owner said something about him breaking the cable.........he didn't tell me he had WELDED the strands back together so he could use the same swage!!!! No wonder it broke, very lucky no one got hurt!!

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