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    In need of some advice

    G'day folks. I am still learning when it comes to Fly Fishing so a bit of advice would be appreciated.

    I have used the fly rod around the Bass streams in my area with a little success and just recently had a chance to try for Trout on the New England Tableland.

    Not good.

    They were thick as my cousin was hauling them in on tiger worms and they were surfacing from time to time. Taking insects I would say.

    I managed to catch one on a small hard bodied with the spinning gear, it may have looked like a grasshoper.

    But when it came to using the fly rod I had no success. I was using featherd floating flys that you would use for bass. Tried some grub pattens that Michael described recently. Made mine from thin styrene sheet, bound and coloured up.

    What was happening is they were having a look at most of the pattens but not biting. I was adding a variety of twiches but had no takers.

    I thought I should have some genuine Trout flys but if one was happy to take the hard bodied, aprox' 40 mm long you would think size was not a problem.

    Any coments will be appreciated.

    Regards Gordon

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    Hi Gordon,

    I think your best bet is to do a search on the net, "best bass flies", I'm sure you will get what you want,

    I have not targeted Bass myself but a mate has fly fished them extensively and suggested the "Bass Vampire" fly,

    It is very easy to make, here is a link on how to make one,

    My mate has caught a lot of bass on this fly, his favourite colours are purple and black

    Hope to have a go at some bass myself one day

    Edit: Nearly forgot, if the bass were surfacing, a "Gartside Gurgler" would also be an option!
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    Re: In need of some advice

    Sorry Garry, it is the Trout I am having the trouble with. Just had a few days after them middle of last week.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: In need of some advice

    Gday Gordie , you werent anywhere near Elsmore by any chance ??. If so when I was an apprentice ! boss was a real keen fly fisher and going back bloody sh#t ,,,long time ...I think he used a black nymph ?? does this sound right ??. He is still poking around catching trout up the top end of the macintyre as far as I know.


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    Re: In need of some advice

    Whilst you will catch an odd trout on a bass fly it will not be their prime foodsource. I would be either tying to buying some small hopper style flies for this time of the year for the running streams in paddocks or one of the local beetle styles for the fish in the wooded streams. Nymphs both black and brown will work but mostly they will be feeding on the beetles and hoppers on windy days unless there is a major hatch, then you need to match the hatch.

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    Re: In need of some advice

    Thanks for the replys fellas. No Scott we were just outside Walcha on the New England.

    I think your right Jack, I have read it so many times where you must match the hatch. I have a bunch of genuine Trout flys but they were at home. Didn't realise we would be chasing Trout.

    Do they make a sent that will attract fish in general that we can put on flys as I seem to have more lookers than strikes.

    I have a couple of tubes that I have used on lures, both hard and soft plastics but I have never seen the fish launching themselves into the Tinny after my lure.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: In need of some advice

    Hey Gordon, dunno bout scents on fly's mate. The way ive always fished for trout be it rainbows or browns. If there are bugs around/fish are sipping off the surface/or trout just crusing, i would use only a few dry flies, adams irristable (looks like a mozzie/fly/moth), royal wuff, royal coachman, plus a couple of small hopper patterns. If there is no surface activity use a nymph, just a black or brown or green with a bronze/copper head weight just slowly strip it feeling for that ever subtle take and then raise that rod high!

    Nymph fishing is harder (in ways) but will generally Ive found out fish dry flies on the surface, as if a tout is only feeding below the surface may not want to take a dry off the top but a fish feeding on the surface will take surface/subsurface and deeper flies

    Infants nexium

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    Re: In need of some advice

    Great advice Josh, makes me want to go back soon and try again.



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