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    Idea for a trip next year.. march 2011

    Hey Everyone,
    Looking for a a little bit of advice/ideas for a trip I am planning next year. Will give you guys a bit of info etc and see what everyone reckons..

    Looking to head north from Brissie in March next year for a couple of weeks. I have a troopcarrier and looking to tow my boat as well... The boat is a quinnie 4.2 with a 35 johnno on.. Will be taking my gf as well and at this stage a mate his wife and a toddler will be along for the ride.. They are pretty set up with a navara and good off road camper trailer...

    Fishing is on the cards but with everyone in tow looking to take down the serious fishing side a tad.. Have travelled to the cape etc a couple of times but really not sure on where to head for this trip... Looking from mackay south at this stage..

    Wondering if anyone can point us to a spot that is worth stopping and having a look at for a few days... We all tend to like a bit of private space etc and don't mind a trip to fraser etc but we are looking to broaden our horizons this time..

    I do know I few spots but looking for something that you won't find in touring austarlia books that would be worth a look.. even if anyone wanted to PM aI would really appreaciate it...

    Thanks in advance guys


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    Re: Idea for a trip next year.. march 2011

    How about Middle Creek campground in Eurimbula National Park which is just north of Agnes Waters.

    Check it out on Google Earth - it's a nice spot. Ok for the camper trailer and good fishing opportunities with the tinnie.

    What would Steve do?

    fortes fortuna adjuvat

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    Re: Idea for a trip next year.. march 2011

    or try turkey beach and surrounds on the other side of bustard head

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    Re: Idea for a trip next year.. march 2011

    what about 5 rocks just north of yeppoon

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