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    Building a hut on an a bay island

    Hey Fellas,

    Can anyone tell me about the various old huts you see around the place in southern Moreton Bay. I think its Crusoe and Short Islands. Who owns them and can you pull up to them and stay as I see a lot of boats around them at different times. I am not referring to the ones next to Slipping Sands.
    Does anyone know if you can build a hut on these islands? I mean a small structure that you can overnight in or fix up a really old one? Are there leases on these or...?

    Any insight would be great.


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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    maybe start with local council.

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    I recon in this day and age, you would have bucklies of legaly building any sort of structure like that on an island.

    Some of those huts and things have been there a long time and problay have were never legaly built in the first place.....the only reason some of them are still there is the government does not want to pay to have them removed.

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    Thanks fellas I think your right. Gone are the days......

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    I can vaguely recall an uncle of mine having a fishing hut on Straddie (I think) that was for the use of him and his mates from the old "blue n white cab co "..apparently it had been there for years and I think it was built in the pre war days ..
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    i'm amazed that there's still huts around the place in the marine park. the ones on moreton and bribie up our end of the bay are long gone

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    Mate, I don't know about the huts, but I do know a bloke that would. His name is Peter Ludlow and he is a historian specialising in Moreton Bay history. You can send him an email at:

    "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." -- André Gide

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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    I remember when I was at school (in the 80s) a mate of mine used to go fishing down the pin with his dad, and I still remember him telling me they were building one, they would just take a boat load of timber and whatever each time they would go down. (I grew up in Ipswich, and everyone would fish the pin)

    So, I think the ones you are talking about are not really a heritage type thing that has a big story to go with it, probably more just people deciding to go down and slap something together out of scrap they had lying around for a roof over their head to stay the night. I highly doubt they had any sort of permission to put anything there. The authorities probably dont worry because like mentioned, it would cost them money to clean it all up! and a bit of "out of sight out of mind" attitude.

    I guess over time, some people stopped going and are probably just deralicts now days ( I havent been down that way in years).


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    Re: Building a hut on an a bay island

    I know an old guy who owned a hut on Short Isl down the Pin, we stayed there often and I think there were about another 4 or 5 beside it. The Gov removed them maybe 10 years ago. Some of huts at Carusoe are still there, they're freehold or 50 year lease or something like that.
    If you get any info from Tommy Ludlow can you post it here, I love reading his books.

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