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Thread: Camping tents

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    Camping tents

    Hi, i am new to these forums and would like some advice on camping tents. I need to buy a tent to go camping this Christmas for a family of 5.

    I was looking at the Black Wolf Sahara 8+8 and the Diamantina Escape Trio. Shown on this page. Click Here

    Is Diamantina any good?

    Just wondering what you would get if your budget was $650 for a tent.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Camping tents

    Depends how often you think you'll camp and for how long at a time. If you're thinking only once or twice a year and at least a couple of nights I'd just get a cheaper dome style ... probably a coleman (eg. lakeside 7). You could get a nice one well under $650.
    If you're doing a few more trips then consider a blackwolf - maybe even a turbo style one (quick and simple). We can the 300 plus lite and it is big enough for 5 and would come in around $650 on special.

    I don't know anything about the Diamantina tents.

    Don't get something that's excessively big as the painful setup will put you off camping!

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    Re: Camping tents

    I was looking at the Blackwolf 300 super fly. Is that $750 for the fly or the tent and the fly?

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    Re: Camping tents

    That'll be just the fly!! The turbo 300 (canvas) is over $1000, the turbo 300 plus is more again. The "lite" versions aren't canvas but are much easier to handle due to being half the weight.
    Our 300 plus lite has a basic fly with small awning thing out the front. I don't think you can get a "super fly" for the lite version but event at half that price I wouldn't bother anyway.
    We use a $200 oztrail gazebo, or a tarp (if staying longer), for extra shelter.

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    Re: Camping tents

    I completely agree with chisel, but on the Diamantina tents they are definately the way to go if your using it often as they are dear, however a couple of my mates have them and they are second to none, they're quick to set up and really well built they are a lot cooler tent then my coleman dome tent they are made of all the top grade stuff and in a storm my tent was all but blown over and there's were as good as gold. if i was buying one i would get a Diamantina tent for sure but if depends on what you want to spend

    P.S thats the canvas tents

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    Re: Camping tents


    I have a second hand Coleman Chalet 9 CV.....3 room tent, similar to that your looking at...same dimensions I think. used 3 times. paid $400 18 months all the bits and pieces. In good nick. Only thought of getting rid of it because I have a campertrailer now.

    Google Coleman Chalet 9 CV and check them out.

    Send me a PM if your interested. $200 ??

    Cheers Steve
    I dont have ADHD......ohh look a squirrell !!!

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    Re: Camping tents

    Cheers for all the advice guys, i really appreciate it.

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    Re: Camping tents

    Ended up getting an OZtrail Cabin Tent 12x15 on special at tent world $899.

    OZtrail 12x15 Pretty happy, been up in the yard for a week now. Had a lot of rain and a storm. Leaked the first time but all good now and stayed up in the storm.

    Lots of room for the missus and the 3 kids so yeah, very happy.

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    Re: Camping tents

    yes the wife and I camped two weeks in our oztrail canvass Cabin Tent just recently, at Inskip, Monduran and Tannum Sands. We got the same deal I think as Davo. 899.00
    Great tent, couple of really heavy rain events and we were as dry as a chip, love the heavy duty floor. You can buy the same tent with lighter material, but no way I would just to save afew bucks

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