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Thread: Bit of help, planning a long awaited dive trip.

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    Bit of help, planning a long awaited dive trip.

    Hey lads,

    Currently planning a 3 week spearing trip up the East coast from Wollongong to Noosa for a group of us on our uni break in January. Will have a 4wd towing a 5.5m boat however, will still be getting involved with as many shore dives as possible. Not looking for any "spot X's" so to speak, but if any fello spearo's are willing to share a little local dive knowledge about their home grounds (between the locations mentioned above) it would be much appreciated. Will be filming as much of the trip as possible which will hopefully lead to some interesting and entertaining posts here on Ausfish. So basically, any info that yas may reckon is relevant (ie, Accommodation, camp grounds with boat storage, dive spots worth having a crack, bighties during that time of year (Not too fused, but its nice to know) and also any info regarding legalities of spearing your local area) will be extremely appreciated.


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    Re: Bit of help, planning a long awaited dive trip.

    Will depend totally upon the weather as to where the best action will be AA.
    Basically the whole coast should be good at that time of year.
    Anywhere that is not too crowded from Newcastle north would be worth a look, but it will depend on the weather which ATM is very hard to guess this far out.

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