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    fly rod

    Just picked up a 3 piece Innovator bluewater 9' 10-11 weight brand new in a hard case from a garage sale with a rimfire reel for $50.00 and was wondering how good is the rod and reel, as I was thinking of having a try at salt water fly fishing.

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    Re: fly rod

    That is a bargain!

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    Re: fly rod

    Heavy # rod, suited to tuna or barra, you got a bargin though.
    I paid about $200 for a new 7# Inivator for bass about 6 years ago, was a great rod to learn on until I developed more exotic tastes.

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    Re: fly rod

    hi there ATB yes bargine ive had a play with one many years ago and it cast well with a 10wt scientific angler intermediate tarpon line, i think they were about $350 for the rod new so good starter have fun cheers chris.

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