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    Fly Fishing on Fraser

    G'day folks, I put a request in some weeks back re using a Fly on Fraser.

    Just to report. After talking to Paul Dolan at Hervey Bay and also Rod Harrison on the technical side (both very helpful) I went up with Bonefish in mind.

    Due to the soft sand and the vehicle I had I never made it to the top, but to pass on some info that I gleaned for those of you that may like to give it a try.

    Some mates who were there in another group, they were leaving as we arrived two Bones had come in on lures at the top. Another bloke was spearing out on the Marloo Wreck while we were there and speared a 3' Bone.

    Got another report from a tackle shop "near Tewantin" he believes some of the large Witing reports along the coloured sands beaches are probably Bonefish.

    The sum of this as I see it and talking to Paul, if you were to go to the tip of Fraser by boat and fish deep you may be successful.

    Also if you took a tinny up to Fraser, as some do, waited for the calm days and fished the Marloo or the Coffee rocks above Waddy (thats where you would launch) you may also be successful.

    All the best folks.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Fly Fishing on Fraser

    Its a fair hike, but the biggest bonefish I have seen so far (way bigger than even Andros Island, Bahamas) is New Caledonia.

    I snapped a brand new Sage Xi3 10wt rod on one a few weeks ago.

    Liberty III

    Sometimes I Fish and Think, Sometimes I Just Fish.

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    Re: Fly Fishing on Fraser

    Nice to be able to go to those spots Liberty.

    The best ( fly fanatic ) I have met is a Canadian who happened to be with a group on the Daly. We were after Barra of course and he wanted to take one on a fly rod.
    This bloke had come to Aus, solely for that reason, to catch a Barra.

    I fished with him for a few days, it turned out he was an Environmental Scientist, self employed, worked for oil companies for about 6 months of the year. When he was not working he would take off to target another species of fish.

    He had been to every continent on earth, fished in places I have never heard of and caught species I have never heard of. He was about 35 an had it all ahead of him.

    Oh well I am off to Somerset with my $40 rod and $30 reel. Hope something will smash me up.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Fly Fishing on Fraser

    Enjoy Somerset.

    So long as you're fishing, it's all good!

    I think it would be a hoot to catch a Bonefish off Fraser ...

    Liberty III

    Sometimes I Fish and Think, Sometimes I Just Fish.

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    Re: Fly Fishing on Fraser

    Can confirm that there are quite a lot of bonefish caught on the Noosa North Shore. Have caught plenty myself and have seen many in recent years - usually after a fresh in autumn and on worm baits.


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