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    Spearfishing Jenny Lind Creek... ?

    Hi was up Bustard heads on the weekend spearing middle and outer rock. We slipped into Jenny Lind (24 1'54.85"S 15145'50.53"E) for a look around.

    There was this family camping, and the old dude noticed us spearing. He got very emotionally charged, and loudly proclaimed that spearfishing was not permitted there... I find this hard to believe.

    What's the best way to conclusively determine whether or not we can spear there? (and other places for that matter.)

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    Re: Spearfishing Jenny Lind Creek... ?

    Do some research first before fishing/spearing new territory. Find out the size and bag limits by dropping into the local bait and tackle shop.

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    Re: Spearfishing Jenny Lind Creek... ?


    Check out the GBRPMA maps online here,

    The area you mentioned is in the gladstone section and as far as I can tell you're ok to spear where you were.

    You can spear (snorkel only) in all dark, light blue areas and yellow.

    Note, the zone colors change for the Moreton Bay Marine Park.


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    Re: Spearfishing Jenny Lind Creek... ?

    wosdam, i manage the fishing / diving / camping store up here mate (also do my share of selective spearing) from a legal point of veiw that estuary system is open to spearfishing, many ppl have strong opinions on the subject as some estuary species are "local fish" in the sense that out of control spearing could do serious damage in a short time to fish stocks. Personally i stick to chasing pelagic / reef fish (bustard bommies are prime country) on the spear as they are seasonal, not resident. there have also been past occasions of ppl in our local creeks spending extended trips in the rivers spearing out of control breaking the law. this has certainly led to some taking a strong stance against it. Also many creeks and rivers further south are closed to spearfishing and many ppl don't realise this is specific to certain areas, not estuarys as a whole. But legally, in that system, at the current time, ur all good.
    hope this helps.

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    Re: Spearfishing Jenny Lind Creek... ?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1770JOSH View Post
    legally, in that system, at the current time, ur all good.
    hope this helps.
    Thanks mate. The bloke had a boat named 'True blue', maybe if you see him you can enlighten him? Anyway, it's not a biggie, as we were out spearing middle and outer rock, and we just went into Jenny lind for a look on the way home.

    Thanks for the info, next time we go we have the facts if anyone has a winge.

    It annoys me how someone will line fish the crap out of a river, but get all upset when someone wants to use a spear....

    You should see some of the line and tackle strewn across the rocks on the bottom.. that wasn't spearos that did that!!!

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