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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    guys if you do a search on here there is a recipe for the dettol/baby oil etc
    i have used it and its great, as long as you dont mind the smell !!

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    After many years of trial an error,

    Straight baby oil does the trick,
    IMHO, all the other additives are psychological,

    And when you do get bitten, and you will ,

    Itch eze plus cream works a treat,
    Most probably banned in most countries

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Versatile vinegar many uses wife has used vinegar as a softener in the washing for donkeys years smell, works a treat and best of all real cheap ..
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Has anyone tried listerine, yes the mouth wash,it is a bit sticky but worth a try.

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Way to go Bam424. If anyone else can think, this far, past the square,?.....untill then your in the lead. But Listerine what'ever made you think of using this. Was it a case of desperation, while you were on a trip and that's all you had too use ?
    If it was, your damage control was oustanding! Reason being, The contents of Listerine such as Ethanol / Eucalyptol / and Benzonic Acid would help a treat in the relief of bites. Well done.
    "If I am going too burn time let it be holding my rod. For when it is time to lay me at rest let it be a Viking burial at it's best. Give back for what I have Taken."

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Well were just back from a few days at Jacobs Well ....and despite having religously coated the body beautiful with copious amounts of the vinegar and t tree oil blend I am now a grumpy old man reduced to a clawing idiot as I try and battle the itches and recover from the onslaught of midges,sandflies ,mossies and march flies .
    I have taken vitamin b1( for a few years) , wore a mossie wrist band as well as the vinegar brew but unfortunately all were a dismal failure ...
    Now I gotta go shopping with me bloody legs , arms and neck covered in calamine ...oh well ...back to the drawing board ...
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Baby oil mix works but have you thought you may be increasing your chances of sunburn. Just a thought.

    Many old remedies for such things as itches, bites etc are making a welcomed return. We may of laughed when we heard of them from our Grand parents etc but hey-- before they came up with all this new formulated stuff they had to use something.

    Go the Calamine


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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Grandmas old recipe when we were growing up round Crookhaven heads.....

    Insect repellent - Olive Oil with a big dash of kero in it. (worked too)


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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Quote Originally Posted by Marlin_Mike View Post
    Grandmas old recipe when we were growing up round Crookhaven heads.....

    Insect repellent - Olive Oil with a big dash of kero in it. (worked too)

    Might just have to try that one ,Mike ....we used kero to stop bleeding etc so it will probably work on these bloody sandflys ... thanks for the tipoff ...
    Cheers Tezza

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    I must admit I tried the vinegar in my back yard where the mozzies are viscious and it did not work real good. The best I've used is the yellow bushmans but keep it away from anything plastic and fishing line.
    One of the best remidies for bites especially midgies is a HOT HOT shower.

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    I think I might stick to the bushmans Lucky for me I don't tend to get bitten too much, or suffer too much itching. The wife, on the other hand, gets hammered by the blighters and sometimes swells up badly. I don't think she'll be switching from bushmans any time soon.

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    Re: Vinegar V's Midgees

    Kero works for head lice, too. When the little mongrels get resistance to the chemist's brew for head lice, a little kero mixed in some shampoo and left on for a few minutes knocks them dead!!! Cheap as, too.

    By the way, baby oil is mineral oil, which is a petrol by-product. I won't use it. Some other light oil would be better.

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