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Thread: Spinning gear

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    Spinning gear

    I watched a show on 7two last night, Hooked on Fishing.
    They were in Alaska using light spin gear , using a sinker and 500mm trace and a fly. They were getting plenty of trout, salmon. They were drifting in medium running river in these Willie boats.
    Also the fly was to resemble a fish egg, so it just looked like a small ball of cotton wool with a smidge of yellow.

    I was thinking, that should work here , Mooloolaba in the estuary.
    Anyway i'm going to give it a try.

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    Re: Spinning gear

    Hi randlle this is not a new thing here i no a guy that use to buy flies from a shop and cast them on his spinning gear because he did not want to buy a flyrod and yes he was very succesful ,but since it is on a spinner well its not fly fishing its jiging just like putting some wool on a hook with a trace and swivel and sinker to catch yellowtail pike you might aswell just use a jighead and a soltplastic, cheers chris.

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