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Thread: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

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    Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    18.2kg cobia

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    Awesome fish Josh! Keep you in tucker for a while!
    What gun and shafts are you using?

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    hey nigel, cheers mate.
    the golden trev and the cobia were both with a 140 GODFATHER railgun.. just using the standard 7mm spring steel shafts, length of shaft 1900mm. 16mm rubber. doing the job but really need something stronger as both fish destroyed the shafts they were shot with during the fight.. not doing my wallet any good either haha

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    Josh you are doing really well taking those fish on that gun!
    I'd definitely go the 8mm shaft for those fish, they are not only big but powerful as well. Even the 8mm will take a hammering, actually if I were encountering fish like that often I'd look at a 10mm (but not on that gun) or a slip-tip if you are fishing in deeper water. 7mm is your typical euro spear, where they are mainly shooting smaller fish up to 3-4 kg max.
    Will that gun take 2 slings? You could go to 2 x 14mm if needed to power-up the heavier 8mm shaft.
    Pretty good price for spring steel shafts, Riffe would cost another $25 or so!

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    Cheers for the advice nigel,
    think i'll look at upgrading the whole gun, it does take two rubbers and i have had two 16mm on it but seemed to be excessive and made it quite un-acurate. two 14's and an 8mm sounds like the go, (and a good excuse to get another gun) as i'm sure theres bigger fish to come.
    cheers mate

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    Holy smokes that's a beast, mate. Surprised your arms are still in their sockets!!! Roughly how far offshore are you? Awesome stuuf mate.


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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    cheers cuzza,
    honestly about 30 maybe 40 feet from the stones.. the cobia and his friend were lazily cruising alongside a rather large leopard shark. shot the larger fish of the pair, then the pulling started lol.

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    Re: Another bent shaft.. 18.2kg

    Ripper, mate. Great spot. Do you find the vis to be good there most of the time, or does it churn up in the stronger winds or after rain? Just wondering when it churns up there, as I have a mate who wants to start spearing there. Thanks mate.


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