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    Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    Hit the water at lunch today to check a few holes. There were no pro pots anywhere in the area, so i was a bit pessimistic about our chances

    Found quiet a few kittens and only managed to scrape up one legal cray out of about 20 seen.

    I dived down on one crack and pulled out a legal cray, another breath and then back down again only to find a big mother of an eel in the crack. Next dive down all i could see in the hole was sand and grit flying everywhere. My mate then dived down only to find all the crays gone excpet one, which was lying on his back, bleeding, with a big chunk bitten out of him by the eel.

    the viz was okay in parts and quiet good in others. A bit of bait - yellowtail, bulls eys etc. SOme good size black drummer and a few luderick in the wash. It's amazing how docile these fish are when you are diving without your gun.

    Thursday is going to flatten out again so we might hit a few different spots. It appears that a few crays have come in on this months new moon, so might as well try and get some before they all end up in cray traps (or eels stomachs).

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    G'day Chopper Taylor,

    I'm originally from Newcastle, what part of the coast are you targetting the crays?

    Fishermans Bay, Catherine Hill, Swansea, Blacksmiths, Caves Beach?

    yeah, I know what you mean about the black drummer and luderick without the gun, soon as you get the speargun the mongrels are timid...they must know

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    around the bogey hole and susan gilmore beach. might try big ben off Nobby's later in the week.

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    The old bogey hole yep I now that spot, Susan Gillmore beach, that was a nude spot last time I seen it. I was told Newcastle City Council was closing off the coastal roads as the big nobs (snobs) dont want traffic going down a gazetted state owned road.

    Any truth to that?

    I have not dived on Big Ben off Nobby's, always have a strong current or wrong tides when I ventured out.

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    This w/e is looking promising!

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    dived lunch today. the water at nobby's was muck. went back to the bogey hole. found a couple of new cracks holding kittens, but no keepers.

    hitting dudley flat rock before work tomorrow morning. gotta love the public service!!

    hey Bondy. not sure about closing roads. the road from south newey through to king edward has been closed for a while due to rock falls. don't know about any other road closures.

    all i know is i woudln't want to be a rate payer in newcastle council... they sure know how to waste rate payer money!!

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    Re: Cray dive off Newcaste in my lunch break

    G'day Chopper Taylor,

    Nobby's is hit amd miss when I was there last time. Dudley Flat rock might be the go, also Catherine Hill Basy might be worth an explore unless its a marine park by now.

    Rock Falls hey !!!!...They never did close the road when I was there but that was quite some time ago. good drive that was too. Newcastle Council has always been like that

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