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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eug View Post
    looks the goods matt, matching colour scheme to the nav?
    I really did want to paint the side panels black, but the additional cost and care needed on nice black sides wasn't worth it. It's just a fishing boat and I am not pedantic about cleaning haha.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Very nice looking job there Matt, you must be getting very keen to get her in the water. I would love to do a project like that, maybe one day.

    I noticed some lugs, one each side on the stern just above the bottom sheet.

    Please excuse my ignorance, are they for tie downs?

    I just ask because I am a bit of a sticker for trim tabs on any sort of serious boat such as yours and these lugs look like they may be in the way should you wish to fit later, although there may be enough room inside them.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Good looking boat Matt. Next time - get your business sign in the pic you dummy.......

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Thanks again guys, yeah it's getting very close now.

    Johncar, yeah they are tie down points. I didnt want to have to strap over the boat like I did in my tinnie. I wasnt intending on putting trim tabs on it, mainly because I have never had experiences with them, who knows it might need them though, so hopefully they will fit beside them, I guess I should have made a better allowance for it just in case.

    Dantren as soon as there are any kind of boat or fishing thoughts going on, any work thoughts are well and truly vacant, hence my lack of advertising haha.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    hey matty

    man that is one sweat looking ride, the result is a true credit to both you and berndale performance boats so well done guys

    i took your advice and caught up with the owner of brendale performance boats on a visit to their factory and man for someone who doesn't advourtise or have a web page he sure was busy, and you couldn't meet a nicer more helpful guy so passionate about his product so really well done man and more pic pic pic's

    congrads rod

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Thanks Rod, yeah he sure is busy and yep a great bloke indeed.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    nice looking boat!

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    It now has an official name!!!!!!


    We called it Plan B, because everything I planeed started as something small and grew out of proportion every bloody time. Plan A was something just a little bit bigger than my 3.95 tinny, and this is what we ended up with:

    Outboard is on, and hopefully lasts a weekend haha. Seats are in, plus a few more little things.

    Still a few bits and pieces to do, but I can see the light at the end of tunnel.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Look's sweet as matt!

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Nice Boat mate, nice lines looks bloody great!
    For sale Glacier Bay 2680 Coastal Runner

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    very nice mat,

    plan b always works



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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    That is a sweet looking boat, well done on the design.

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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    That is a sexy boat matt and it would be perfect up here in Weipa! I bet that your glad you went through the build without any problems. That is fantastic to here in the current plate alloy market mate. What is the total damage for it as it stands if you don't mind me asking? P.M me if you prefer.

    I would make it a rear center console and take the canopy off and it would be the perfect Weipa sportsfishing boat.

    Looks great and get out there and get it dirty!


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    Re: My new boat - almost done!!!!

    That looks very good, just waiting for the etc haters to climb aboard

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