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    Quote Originally Posted by BillR1 View Post
    I only mention this because some people are critical of other countries and seem to believe anything Australian is clear of strong pesticides. Wish it was true but it ain't so.
    Thanks BillR1.

    When I was a stupid youth, I used to do a party trick of chewing up a razor blade in my mouth. I had watched a bloke do it in a sideshow once when I was a young kid and had closely observed his technique and copied it.

    I sometimes also ate the skin of a pineapple as a lead up to the razor chewing trick.

    However, a mate from a pineapple farm warned me against doing that because of the danger of residue pesticides in the pineapple skin. He said that although the rules were that a couple of days were supposed to elapse between spraying and harvest, one could not guarantee that such was the case.

    Who would have thought that eating pineapple skins would be more hazardous than chewing razor blades?

    I reckon that you would be right in what you say. I don't think that Aussie primary producers in general have ever been too reticent about spraying crops with all sorts of stuff that would do harm to seafood if it leaches or drifts into the waterways.


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    you only have to do some reading on one the chemicals they use..glyophosate to see the results. There are many more sprayed on the food crops..let alone what they blast some with in cold rooms for ripening.

    There may be fresh produce available but it sure ain't all that good for you.

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    Re: BASA

    Quote Originally Posted by Flex View Post
    Cant believe some of you guys are defending catfish! and imported catfish at that!
    . Me personally I dont care if the fish are hand raised by 18y old naked virgins and fed caviar for lunch or fed their dead offspring for dinner in a fetid swamp.

    Its CATFISH!.. And I bet most of you blokes chuck back every catfish you catch.
    Quote Originally Posted by charleville View Post
    I recall being a kid in western Queensland and thinking that the freshwater catfish that we caught there were pretty good. However, it is true that I have never kept a seafaring one.
    Gees we must be either poor or really, really bad fisherpersons
    We eat the saltwater catfish (or dogfish as they're known in NSW) and love them if they're caught in clean water.
    We started eating them when we fed some to my brother when we were a little short for a feed and he commented on how good the whiting was. After that I had to try it for myself and the rest is history. Any catty over 300mm long go to the pan.
    We eat the freshwater catty's (jew up these parts) too. Beaut-ti-ful if caught in water without mud on the bottom like what's in Lesley Dam.
    So Flex....mate, where are these 18 year old virgins??
    Are there naked blokes too because the cook wants to get in on the act watching these naked virgins hand raising fish as well
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: BASA

    Basa is wedible but there is much better fish to be had any body for nile perch

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    Re: BASA

    In view of the recent revelations about the unsafe levels of bad stuff in the Brisbane river, both before and after the floods, that Vietnamese Basa looks like it is downright healthy.....


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    Re: BASA

    Basa are just down right butt ugly ........................ a head only a mother could love .................. no wait, scratch that........ maybe not even a mother can love Basa's head........................ rather pay a bit more for some good Queensland fish


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    Re: BASA

    So Flex....mate, where are these 18 year old virgins??

    Don't think you will find many of them in Australia......


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    Re: BASA

    At work i see around 3500 - 4000 plts of Basa , Nile perch , Vannamei prawns and alot of other seafood every day .

    AQIS is on the button with any seafood imported and if it doesnt pass their tests , it goes back overseas. It will not hit the shops without a quarentine release form sent to the importer first . It will not be destroyed or deep buried in Australia if any tests are fails it is re-containered and sent back to where it came from .

    If you have had a piece of fish from any takeaway / restuarant or a seafood basket then you have had all of the above , you will probably find the chips are from overseas aswell

    It isnt just woolies and coles that get it and that is a guarenteed fact so i wouldnt be too concerned as you have probably eaten it many times before without ever knowing , If you are reading this then you are not dead from eating imported fish

    Dont ask me for names or businesses that receive any imported fish as i wont reply

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