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    Re: The Dream Machine

    Slow progress....anyhow last of all the electrical appliances, flooring, internal roofing & wall lining now here. All electrical wiring run, fitted last of the roof items....x6 200w solar panels, x2 air cond, antenna & sat dish.
    Last minute decision to raise the roof also. Inverter & 9kva kubota gennie arrived last week (yes we can power a bloody city.....but hubby wanted to be able run both a/c & welder)

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    Hows the dream comming along?
    If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular???

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    How is the Dream Machine build going? Any update?
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    How are you going on this project?
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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