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    The Dream Machine

    3yrs countdown until we hit the road...the rig...40ft denning, will tow a trailer with the ute on the bottom and the hornet/trailer up the top...

    Told the hubby " No Boat = No Bear"

    Got the crap part out of the way - the motor has now been fully rebuilt thanks to fussy, padentic mechanic husband.

    Now the fun part, started stripping the insides...whoo hoo.....

    There will be lots of Ausfish Meet & Greets once on the road.....probably not enough time to find a

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    living the dream....well, not yet, but soon!!. Sounds like your in for some good times ahead, keep posting !!

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    looks like you are going to have a ball,good onya and your planing well a head way to go do you know how long your trip will be?and what parts of our great country you will be visiting (or fishing more important)?what a great adventure good luck.
    cheers Hilly

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    Now, that is awesome!

    What an adventure that will be from go to (hopefully never) whoa!

    Even the re-building of the vehicle will be a stunningly enjoyable experience, I reckon. The three years' anticipation of the trip will be almost as good as the actual trip.

    Good on ya, Bear 001!

    Can we get regular picture updates, please, on this same thread?


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    Re: The Dream Machine

    that is awesome, always good to do everything yourself and see what goes in.
    good luck and look forward to your reports once on the road.

    cheers Lee

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    Great Stuff, I think this thread may rise to the top for many years to come.

    I hope it all goes well for yas
    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    now this should be one thread worthy of being made a 'sticky'.

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    WOW!! Now THAT'S a project!!

    Hope it all goes well for you both. Keep us posted on progress. Good luck with it.

    When the day arrives, I can see a farewell M & G somewhere in NW NSW!!


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    Re: The Dream Machine

    Gees that's a big sin bin you have in the last picture. At the back down low of the bus.
    Hubby gets the poos with you and it'll be in the sin bin for Bear...
    Or is it a really big dog box for your little scruffy dog??

    Or it'll be a good spot for a motor too I reckon
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    I agree, this should be a sticky! What a fascinating project. You could do amazing things with the luggage area on a bus like that. How will you be doing it? Do you have a plan you can publish here?


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    Re: The Dream Machine

    I have always wanted to see how projects like this go. I would love to do one myself at some stage but that is quite a few years away yet.

    Hope it all goes great and look forward to seeing the progress.

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    That is going to be a sweet rig going down the highway . I will also look forward to a M&G if there is one in the local area

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    You could fit quite a good rod rack in that!
    Cheers and thanks.

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    now dont take this as knocking your plans, I reckon it will be fantastic fun, BUT my mate did a bus and did what you are going to do, but after being on the road for a while, he reckoned the bus was just too big, almost every caravan park will not let you in, or even if they did, the skinny roads made it almost impossible to negotiate in the bus, mind you, he did not take a car as well, just a couple of motor scooters, he reckoned a smaller bus would have been ten times as good, and considering there was only two of them, there would have been plenty of space. But good luck to you, thought of doing a similar thing myself a dozen times.

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    Re: The Dream Machine

    I might add, his bus was amazingly cheap, he said something about being over a certain age they cannot be registered as a bus again, and they are dirt cheap (well for what you get) and it was very easy to register as a "personal" transport kind of thing, not too sure if that is an Australia wide law, or just a NSW thing. Pretty funny engine in his, it was a flat 6 (like a Subaru) Mercedes and fitted under the back floor, simple as buggery to get to a check "stuff"

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