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    OMC Adhesive M Sealant Alternatives?

    Hi All,

    Just redoing the water pump on my 30 Evinrude, the workshop manual says to use OMC Adhesive M sealant in various places and am looking for alternatives. Google brings up a few alternatives like:

    Marpox sealer 1000
    Boat Armour Sealer 1000
    3M Scotch-Grip Rubber and Gasket Adhesive #847

    but cannot get any of them locally, is there anything in the Permatex line of products or similar that you can use?

    I have an alternative for the OMC gasket sealing compound but am stuck with the Adhesive M. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Below is a couple of extracts from the manual:

    2. Using OMC Adhesive M sealant, glue a new O-ring to the shoulder at the top of the pump housing.
    Use the adhesive sparingly.

    4. Lightly coat the impeller plate-to-gearcase deck mat/ng
    surfaces with OMC Adhesive M sealant. Position the impeller
    plate over the drive shaft and into position on the
    gearcase deck.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant Alternatives?

    I guess you have tried an OMC dealer??

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    Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant Alternatives?

    Hi Mike, P/N 776964 is the genuine BRP stuff and any BRP dealer could supply it. No I do not know of an aftermarket equivilent and we use Adhesive M a fair bit in the workshop.



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