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    Made myself a switch panel/box for the mighty Horizon. Knocked it up in the shed after looking at a few little pics of how other blokes had done things. Got all the stuff and sat in the boat and looked at it and, with the help of a couple of small serves of Milton Creative Encouragement Juice, came up with this little gem. It runs the Anchor Light, Nav Lights, Bilge Pump and the LED Strip Light under the side decks, and it has a double 12 Volt charger socket. It's all mounted on a piece of 3mm aluminium, and the whole show is riveted to the ribs. It's as solid as a rock, it's out of the weather and it works a treat. WINNER!!!

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    Live bait tank window installation

    Hello everyone,

    I know this is not an invention just a modification but before I did it myself I couldn't find any info on the web at all about it. I had a live bait tank mounted on the transom but it didn't have a window in it. I found that every now and again I had to lift the lid up to check the water level and the condition of the fish. Having a window in it will give me an instant view on both. After driving around and sitting in the swell I found the water level dropped a lot hence the regular need to check.

    It was was a really simple process for anyone wanting to do it themselves. I had some Perspex sheet lying around and just cut a piece out. I jthen traced around the window directly onto the face of the live bait tank. As you can see in the pic I wanted to see what it would look like in the middle lengthways but decided putting it towards the end in an upright position. Once I decided where I wanted it I just marked a line 15mm inside the diameter to give me the overlap where the silicone would go. I drilled out all four corners and just used a metal blade in my jigsaw to cut out the hole. To make a straight cut I just clamped a piece of wood as a guide along the cut line. I did run a little cutting oil along the lines just to make it easier for the blade but to tell the truth it went through the thin metal like butter. Once I cut the hole I used a file to clean and de burr the edges. After you have cleaned up the hole I layer a thick bead of "aquarium" grade silicone around the edge of the Perspex and laid it over the hole from the inside of the tank obviously. I taped it in place and left it over night to dry. While I had the silicone out I also ran it along the top where it joine the bait board as there were some gaps in the corners between the welds. It was really easy to do and took about an hour max. I think it turned out great.


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    Re: Your inventions...

    H2O GLO 20watt LED squid light mounted off transducer bracket.

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    Re: Your inventions...

    Quote Originally Posted by josef otway View Post
    Suspension Skidzz are a new safety device for towed vehicles with leaf spring suspension. Skidzz are designed to protect your Ubolts, springs and brakes in the event of loss of wheel due to bearing failure, broken axle, or loss of wheel studs.
    The Skidzz allow you to pull to the side of the road in a safe and controlled manner, while protecting the undercarriage of your trailer and boat, minimizing load shift.
    Although maintenance is the highest priority for safer towing of boats and caravans, Skidzz are the latest safety product, saving lives and making our roads a safer place to be on.
    Skidzz are Australian owed and made in WA. Check out our facebook or webpage for a video of Skidzz in action.
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    Bloody single leaf springs--hate them. Nothing to retain axle in position when they break, and those Skidz wont stop the broken side swinging back, destroying your guard , bending your axle and very likely wrecking your tyre in the process. It's happened to me on a tandem setup, refitted trailer with proper springs and rocker arrangement. Bought another boat, had single leaf slippers. Binned them immediately and replaced with real springs and a rocker/roller load sharing setup. You do know that under ADR's , you only have the loading of one set of those springs with that setup? Can't combine, as it is not a load-sharing arrangement..

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    Got sick of fuel leaking from the tank vent when sitting in storage. Never leaks when in use or trailering.
    So attached a yamaha fuel tank adapter inline with the vent tube and ran a hose outside to a small portable tank to act as a catch tank.
    Now no more wasted fuel and my wrap and foam floor is safe from fuel.
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