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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    now if i had not seen the fish that Stotty is always pulling with that bling gear, i might have thought that it's "all show and no go" for these pics ..... or "all the gear with no idea"
    BUT ........ when the guy keeps hauling in the big uns it's a good sight !!

    I won't post any pics ... my surf gear gets man-handled on the rocks, so unless scars on a supermodel are a beautiful sight - it's best they not be shown :-)

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pridey View Post
    Lovely Flowers !

    Oh, and nice gear too mate !
    Im really starting to get back into Diawa products.
    Ha!! thanks mate. took photos in the missus salon for better lighting and thought id use the flower wall for a back drop. haha!
    (when Im dead) my biggest FEAR is that my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.........

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Some impressive gear getting posted up.
    It doesn't matter what tackle you use whether your into daiwa,shimano,alvey,abu,okuma,surecatch, loomis,snyder,wilson evergreen,megabass etc.

    As long as it suits what ur doing and you get enjoyment out of using it.
    I myself over the last few years have bought and sold more rods and reels than i can remember from from shimano and strudwick right up to gancraft megabass and high end daiwa.

    But out of all the high and low end rods i own/owned there is only one that will always have a place in my rod rack and only one i would truly be devestated about if it got broken or got stolen.

    Its a g loomis 842-2 7' GL3 light spin rod i have had it for about 6 years ,origanally it was paired with a shimano stradic 1000 (old white/gold model) it has caught many of my most prised catches including pb bream,pb flathead,pb whiting, pb trevally,pb snapper, pb longtails the list goes on and on.

    The stradic died a while ago but the rod is still going strong and rarely leaves my side it has served me well over the years and hopefully for many more years to come.

    It doesnt matter what your using put up a pic and share a story to go with it.

    Heres a picture of my fave rod when i landed my pb saratoga on it.
    Attachment 59601.

    Also heres a bit of tackle porn of some of my other spin gear.
    Daiwa steez 2508/Megabass silver shadow.
    Attachment 59608
    Silver shadow detail.
    Attachment 59605
    Attachment 59606
    Attachment 59607

    My newest one only got it two days ago so havent purchased a reel for it yet. Megabass shoreluck 74 ul.
    Attachment 59603
    Attachment 59602
    Attachment 59604

    Cheers Kyle.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Looks like a fantastic thread this has turned into, keep the post's comming boys!

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Daiwa steez 2508/Megabass silver shadow.

    Awesome Kyle.
    Cheers and thanks.

    "Tackle Whore on a budget..."
    Gonzo II Brooker 4.5m 40hp Yam & Outlaw Kayak
    Fish Well, Fish Egrell

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Wow! state of the art stuff here. Like looking in to a jewellery cabinet.
    Love that DC in the first pic. Something about round reels that gives that look of solidity.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Can a spinfisher be blinged??? Haha I love my spinfisher but it's not the prettiest reel you can get. Maybe get the spool chromed or something.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    this is bad, i see all these fancy combos and i want grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, im starting to regret bying my sic as skyline lol. id wack up some pics but i dont have working cam at moment. good post but, keep up the good work stotty.
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    my gear rods are 20+yrs old most built for me by my brother inlaw, and i still use alvie's and penn no bling but good gear any way,and they all catch fish but you guys have got some beautiful gear 20 yrs back mine looked just the same.i am enjoying seeing your gear fellas keep them comming i might show you all mine soon to give you a laugh.

    cheers Hilly

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    I'll show mine when hilly shows his haha.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Hilly, it would be cool to see what your using, it may be 20 years old but i'm sure theres been some great times and storys that would have come with them 20 years.

    Cheers Kyle.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Absolutely correct Hilly.
    Apart from my "bling" in this thread , i still have a couple of the very first rods i built almost 30 yrs ago. I still use them for whiting etc . AND a 50yr old split can snapper rod from my father in law which i use occasionally with success.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    Maybe we shouldt be afraid of showing our work horses as well.
    Although a set of TLDs or Penn 330 s are going to look a bit plain now are they not?


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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    15 yrs ago it took me 3hrs to lan a 40 lb mac of the beach at noosa using my 7ft rod and 20 lb line and wait for it a 5ins alvy when it hit the beach i had 100 people around to see it landed now that was one of my most enjoyable catches ever on the firt touch the mac jumped 6ft out the water and scared the chit out of me and i started to shake all over until i took the hooks out and waved goodbye.

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    Re: Show us your gear!!!

    It's not all about bling and the newest,I agree.

    My father has a collection of very old Alvey's that have been passed down from his Father that I too look forward to passing down to my own son's..

    Also some very beautiful,handmade split cane rods made by my great grandfather that are pieces of art.When I one day receive those,they will be my most prized fishing items.

    I will get some shots next time I'm at dads house.

    The guys that I know that have posted pics may seem to spend alot to some,but they use them often and specifically for certain techniques.It is a progression thing,started with budget cost friendly gear to now using and owning very specific equipment.
    Their results speak for themselves..

    Had'nt checked this one for a while Matt,it went a bit quiet.
    Will post up some more gear later tonight.

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