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    Fly Fishing On Frazer

    G'day fella's

    I have a Frazer trip with a mate in several weeks chasing Tailor, the usual way.

    While I am there I am hoping to flick a few Flys up on the Cape and I have heard a few stories of what may be caught on the flats up there.

    (It looks good on Google)

    Can anybody give me some advice on what to expect, what weight gear I should be armed with and what Flys I should play with.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Fly Fishing On Frazer

    G/day Gordie,I take it you'll be on foot,mate this time of year on the flats can be real difficult due to the colder water temps,but not impossible to catch some fish,head over the western side to the Wathumba ck area or further north towards the cape and fly's like clousers and decievers should get some interest if the fish are there,the headland on the eastern beach would be worth a cast if the westerlies are blowing as well as the gutters for tailor with simular flies.
    If you have a boat there has been good schools of Longtail and Mac Tuna in platypus bay.
    Check out my web site for guided fly and sportfishing fishing on the fraser coast for the latest pics of longies on fly,just google my name and you should find it.
    If you want give me a call and I'll help as much as I can.


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    Re: Fly Fishing On Frazer

    Thanks for the above info Paul, I will get back to you but I am having a couple of big days, Monday and Tuesday and very little spare time.

    Regards Gordon

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