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    Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Just wondering if anyone has one of these boats and would like to share some information and pictures as i am thinking of buying one.

    Will this boat be suitable for offshore work?

    what will be the best size motor to match to this?

    what size fuel tanks do these boats come with?

    If anyone has any suggestions on other boats suitable for offshore work please post comments and suggestions

    regards Mike

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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Yeah I have one mate with 175 Suzuki 4 stroke . I will post up info later as I am off for a swim but to get you started they are a fantastic offshore boat, and others will tell you the same.


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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Gday Mike,

    Mate, for offshore, and getting there for that matter, they are great. They have quite a deep vee, which means that they ride great, but can be a bit rolly at rest in a sea, but not that much worst than a lot of other, much more expensive boats, but thatís just my opinion.
    You will also find that they come with a lot of standard features, which would be extras on other brands of craft.
    The standard size fuel tank is 150 litres, but you can increase that if you wish.
    John said his mate has a 175 Suzy on the back of his, and I think that would be a perfect match to be honest.
    I have the 2009 Yalta Odessa 615 with a 130 2 stroke, which is ok for what I do, but in hindsight maybe I should have gone for the 150?:undecided:
    If you do a search for Yalta on here you will find heaps of pics & info.
    Mate, when I get home, I will PM you with some info and pics if you like,and even the size of the shed you will need.:wink:

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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    use the search function and search for "yalta appreciation" you will find a bunch of owners with pictures of setup and configurations.


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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Kdog View Post

    Mate, when I get home, I will PM you with some info and pics if you like,and even the size of the shed you will need.:wink:
    Get the details of the guy who did the shed too........he's a gun............:rolleyes:
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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Hi again
    Its actually me who has the 175 on the back. But I do have a friend with one as well and he has put a 175 Suzy on his after we rebuilt his transom .

    The link below will take you to a review and specs of this boat.

    I have had mine since 1999 and it came with a 150 hp Yammy 2 stroke, which was a great donk, and powered it quite nicely. The Suzy is just obviously more economical and faster at WOT (74 KM hr) I agree that a 135 is really on the bottom end of power for this hull.
    Mine has a 160 litre tank,
    Things to consider.

    1. They go back a way, so a lot of them were built in the late 80s and early 90s.

    This can mean transoms and floor stringers can be getting tired so you need to check a potential purchase out well.

    2. Also the transom height is the old 20 inch so with most of the new motors and boats going for 25inch legs you will need to consider that as well.

    I have rebuilt both my transom and my floor stringers in tha last 2 years.
    I raised the transom to a 25 inch height to accomodate the Suzy 175, and the stringers and floor were done later.

    3. Also check out thr floor/deck type .

    I have the earlier one with a fully molded fiberglass floor and it was great to rebiuld after the stringer rebuild. I helped a mate do his which was built in the early 90s and it had a glass over ply floor. The fiberglass work on the stringers etc under floor on this one was really shoddy and inadequate.
    Yalta has changed hands 3 times as far as I am aware and the current owners are making excellent boats. But something was not right during the early 90s as up here in Cairns they were well known for needing reconstruction. Shame really because they are excellent hulls.

    I am going to put up a thread soon on my projects on my Odessa . It may be of help to someone. At present I am completely repainting the boat so when its done I will show all 3 projects in one thread.

    Overall I really enjoy my rig and go offshore up to 65 kms no dramas.
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    Re: Yalta Craft Odessa 2200 Help Needed

    Hi Parrot King,
    I used to have one the old Yalta 189 models. In my opinion, you couldn't get get a better hull for offshore cruising. Im sure the newer models are even better now. You won't be dissapointed. In the end the boat was still in good nik but the trailer was totally rusted out. That was enough of an excuse to sell them both and upsize. I import these All Aluminium trailers now called TUBESEEK TRAILERS. Wish I had one of these back then. I probably might have ended up keeping the old Yalta. Let me know if I can help you out with a trailer. They're all aluminium, including the axles and suspension so no rust at all!

    Happy boat hunting.

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