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Thread: Mullet Flys

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    Mullet Flys

    Hi Guys,

    Came across a place thats full of XOS mullet, it was crazy they were jumping all over the place ,they looked like good size Barra, threw some small metals got couple hits

    Im sure a small fly will do the trick, Looking for Patterns and Colors if any one can help ,

    Any suggestions ,


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    Re: Mullet Flys

    Im not a fly fisho,
    but as a kid, we used to catch heaps of mullet and garfish with flour and water dough with some cotton wool mixed in.
    Often the dough would be gone but shreds of cotton wool would still be wrapped around the hook, and we would still catch fish on that....

    Maybe a bit of cotton wool would do the trick for you too??


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    Re: Mullet Flys

    A small fly made from spun white deer hair would do the trick I guess. It would float and look just like a piece of bread. You could berley them up with a few bits of bread to get them interested if you like.

    Are you sure they are mullet and not tarpon? If they are hitting metal slugs, maybe a baitfish pattern would be worth a shot.


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    Re: Mullet Flys

    a bit of hair off the border collie's tail does the trick dipped in stimulate fish attraction its great stuff i swear by it


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    Re: Mullet Flys

    just make something that looks like bread.

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    Re: Mullet Flys

    There you go Sean, a new challenge for you

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    Re: Mullet Flys

    easiest bread fly is a bean bag bean threaded on a hook, works a treat, cost nothing, no good for windy days though, used with a small amount of bread burley and your set

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    Re: Mullet Flys

    Thanks for replys guys ,spangled perch took small yellow fly yesterday ,

    but might have been bit early for them to be too active ,i noticed they go crazy arvo

    maybe when water warms up, or insect hatch or something ???

    Davez fairly sure there mullet

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