Cheeky bugger Brian

Every bit of footage I take from now on will start with a view of my ugly mug in it as I will be making damn sure that little red light in front starts blinking when I hit "record" (or so I think).

The camera is about as small as a match box (seriously) but enclosed in a completely waterproof housing. It's waterproof to 60 metres, but that being said, the only pitfall is that she don't float So we are very careful around the water with it.

I have mine attached to a float on a tether when I am running but not when I am wearing it as part of my ill-fitting "bra" set up....that's when I missed the three bits of barra footage.

Parksy and Nagg will probably have theirs at the CM so happy to show you my set up and we can have a chat (and a beer of course)

In terms of mounting positions (that sounds ominous), I have several: one near the big motor, one in front of my driver's console, on the starboard gunnel half way forward, smack bang on the bow, and one actually on top of my remote spotty.

Plus the chest harness etc etc. More mounts than John Holmes on a busy day