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    Spearing in the Whitsundays

    Hi Guys,

    I'm just about to try my hand at spearing in the whitsunday area, mainly goin to try and target crays inshore and try for some trout ect around the islands. Am aware of zoning in area just after any spots you may no about and teqniques.


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    Re: Spearing in the Whitsundays

    Cant spear in the whitsundays at all- Check out the massive public appreciation zone that goes right around it.

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    Re: Spearing in the Whitsundays

    Sorry mate for the late reply only just joined up I lived in the whitsundays my whole life almost n there is bulk good spesring down there ey the big gay public appreciation zone does affect you it means you cant dive in the yellow zones n green is a no go as normal. How big is your boat mate n I'll tell ya some spots you'll be able to get too but the whitsundays def has the best spearing I've done but thanks to the constant 25knot southy easters i named it the sh*tsundays. Its always green n murky n the reef is very sharky I've had some great fun out there trying to hang onto fish while retarded bull sharks chew on my float n flippers

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    Re: Spearing in the Whitsundays

    oh great, we are heading to Dingo next month, and now you remind me about sharks,,,,,lol,,, any idea on good spots in the northern parts of Whitsundays?

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