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    Low speed baitcaster

    As the title says i am wondering if a low speed baitcaster a zillion 4.9/1 retrieve the go for casting hardbodies for impoundment barra .I have an alphas with 20lb braid on now but was thinking of putting 30lb on for barra ,i already have rods one 6 foot 6 in daiwa costal series rated 5-8 kg the other 5 ft 6in samuri rated 5-8 kg . Am i thinking along the right lines for chasing these monsters ,i also have a 2500 certate and a 4-8k 7ft gusa rod that i will run 20 lb on a little advise on this gear would be great as i would like to use the gear i already have but i am willing to buy a new baitcaster so basicly is a low retrieve zillion the go , i will be using hardbodies and placcies thanks in advance for any of your wisdom ...Matt:cool: :cool:
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    Re: Low speed baitcaster

    Hi Matt

    There is merit to what you are thinking ...... particularly for hardbodies . I've had a go at a crazy cranker & I found it was nice as the amount of line recovery during a twitch suited my normal technique ...... I didn't try it with a plastic but I could imagine that the slower speed would be nice for rolling plastics.

    Now the negatives are burning a plastic on touchdown but the biggy is when a barra charges towards you and you need to recover line quickly ...... that becomes tougher with a lower speed reel.

    In the end , I stuck with 6.3:1 ratios as for me - it was easier to wind slower / than faster ....... particularly on the quick burn - and then the issue of line recovery on a hooked fish ( there are times when I've wished that I was using a spin reel:rolleyes

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    Re: Low speed baitcaster

    I currently own a few zillions being a Crazy Cranker, P.E and Hyper long cast., I went to the dams a few mths ago and brought along my HLC and CC. I used the CC on a jackall poison 6'10 from memory that has some balls. This combo was used for rolling SP around the dam walls, I was using 30lb main line and 50-60lb black magic fluro leader. The reel performed extremely well and I found it much easier to use than the HLC in this situation. Once hooked onto the fish with carbontex washes and hvy leader I could really 'crank' the fish in and got them all under control with ease.

    Its not just dams that i bought this reel for thou, if you purchase a CC they are ideal for jacks as slow rolling HB's around is an ease.

    As Nagg has said, when a big barra is chasing your lure down its not gonna be as easy to speed the lure up (But itís not impossible) as it would be when using a 6:3 ratio reel but IMO its easier to speed up a retrieve than to slow it down.

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    Re: Low speed baitcaster

    Thanks for the replies guys ,nagg my thinking was that the slower retrieve seems to be a must for the impoundment barra from what i have read on here [please correct me if i have misunderstood] so i was thinking the cc would be the go but having read what you have said about them charging down on you i am unsure now . Is this typical of what they do as i thought they would snatch and run back to cover and this is where i thought the 4.9/1 would come into its own lots of low down grunt to turn there heads also if not a cc would you think a hlc zillion be up for the job i think they do one in a 6.3:1 retrieve and if not what would you recomend . Stotty i think you know where i am coming from with this question and your point with the jacks is too true ,do you also use this cc for the thredies ...thanks again for any info Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Low speed baitcaster

    Yes mate, I use it for the threadfin. Once again the threadfin like a really slow presentation and once hooked in tight structure its great too know that you have the power to give them some hurt.

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